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Microsoft's New Tablet - A Skinny Laptop?

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I have never said "Apple is Best" what I have said is "Apple fulfils my needs better than others'

With his gadgets (Apple is not a computer company), he has deprived 100s of millions of kids of their childhood. Possibly a generation destroyed, degenerated.

The above two snips sum up my thoughts on computers.


Kong is right in that most people in the world need a set of things that Apple provide, and provide well.


TTM is right in that for serious computing, like mars missions, maybe Apple doesn't do so well as perhaps, well Linux. And kids are being dumbed down. But, as a bloke that grew up doing things where you had to know your subject, I now face a world of Google and Wiki and such where if I want to know something, it's there on my device, without too much trouble. Remember logarithm tables? Imagine having to know that stuff. Now it's in most throwaway calculators. Want to know the optimal trajectory to the moon, it's online. We've changed. We will, in the future depend, on the devices that give us what we want to know, now.


Microsoft has a history of software that is obtuse, that you can't readily just use, unless you've done some training. And the really simple things like going to 'Start' to 'Stop' are throughout the software. Word is so complex, I just don't bother, unless the recipient cannot use anything else, like email, or notepad...


I am no fan of Microsoft because their attitude is one of "We'll tell you the user, what you want'. If it doesn't sell, they'll try and make it sell by golly they will.


Apple on the other hand says 'This is cool, wanna try it?' and if it doesn't sell, then they'll try a new idea.


If someone does better than Apple, I'll use them.


But I can't see Microsoft being more than the domain of clever people with patience (or those whose accountants thrust it upon them) for much longer.


Apple run the risk of being an ordinary business now, Steve Jobs, like him or no, at least could say, damn the bean counters, here's a great idea!

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Are we talking natural Logs or Base 10?


I still have my Log tables, Sine and Co-Sine tables etc plus the slide rule my grandfather gave me and taught me to use as a 6 year old. OK my tables are now in excel format but the old slide rule is still in it's original case.


As stated no product is better than another its all down to "Horses for Courses" and for me Apple does the job for my and fulfils my needs. Maybe I do pay slightly over market value for my products, but show me a microbook that can give me 12.7 hours computing off one charge like my Macbook Air does and I will look at it, show me a PC that I can use as a mobile recording studio and also an effects extension plus giving me great light and graphic show that my iMac does and again I will look at it. Quality cost money and you get what you pay for hence the reason I have a 916SP and a 308GTB in my garage.


Nobody on this board really knows me, what job I do or what budgets I work with and I am not going to say except that Value for money, much like Value Engineering is the bottom line.

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Apple is a gadget company, not a computer one.



You sound like my grandparents who thought Elvis and The Beatles were the devil and the TV robbed generations of their childhood.


Apple is flat out a computer company. Some of their architecture innovations are legendary, as is their software. Fun Fact: Most of Google code is written on a Mac.

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You sound like my grandparents who thought Elvis and The Beatles were the devil and the TV robbed generations of their childhood.



Mr C


Thanks for making me feel old, my parents said the same thing, fortunately my old man listened to the Stones and Hendrix back then.


Reminded me of this tune





For the hell of me I cannot remember who recorded the original in the 60's it wasn't LKJ but someone similar but hey the message is the same.

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iPad generation 'will learn fewer words' as oral tradition of passing on knowledge is dying out



Text messages, emails and using computers to learn could be stunting children’s vocabulary, experts fear.


That is because our brains are hardwired to learn new words when we hear others use them in everyday conversation.


But learning with smartphones, tablets and computers, instead of listening to a teacher or parent, means young people are not being given the chance to hear a wide range of words, experts say.


They claim the oral tradition of passing on knowledge is being eroded, with both adults and children spending too much time looking at screens.


Marco Catani, of the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, said: ‘We have less time to talk to each other and our children are taught through devices.


‘They have access to the internet, iPhones, mobile phones and tablet computers.


‘These are visual rather than auditory, so it is likely that they will end up with a lower average number of words than previous generations.’


Constant computer use has been blamed in the past for shorter attention spans, a culture of instant gratification and making young people more self-centred.






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