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Where Would You Like Your Ashes Spread ?


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Who would steal someone's ashes for anything other than the urn ?? That's just weird.


Was quite an adventure, man!


Earlier Bangkok days when men where men and wrote poetry and great stories and sometimes died rather gruesome deaths,


Funeral was rather lonely but the wake was something else.


His ashes did come back to Bangkok a year later when the culprit was convinced the deceased was having an affair with his dead ex-girlfriend.


Was a good time.

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Are there non windy days at Ben Nevis?

i once ran up Ben Nevisnor should i say walked most of the way and came last in the race.

awful day with cloud cover and wind near the top and i got lost at the top.

our prize for completing the race was a minature bottle of whisky and despite my drink problems it's something i will never drink.

something to treasure in my mind.

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