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Thai Security, Or What?

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I know Thai people tend to be a passive bunch as a rule, plenty of the old jai yen yen and the like but why do they put up with this crap. Are they just numbed to it or dumber than a bunch of monkeys?


Her's a little video that rather demonstrates the entire pointlessness of the whole thing.




I know it's a bit dated being from February but just recently this whole non-secure bs thing seems more absurd, well to me anyway.


What do they see when they look in Womens handbags?

What are they looking for?

What can you see from a convex mirror trundled under a car?

What does it show if you're not looking at it?

Who the fuck hides shit in their wheel arches?

What do you think you will find if you rub my shoulders and squeeze my ass? That 8 inch blade is strapped to the inside of my calf!


How thick do you need to be to think this is re-assuring or beneficial.

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Security in this country, and esp at the MRT, is mostly a joke. A token effort to pretend they are actually doing something.


Supposedly they are looking for bombs, but unless you have several sticks of dynamite strapped together with a big clock on it, I doubt the security guards would recognize one. Oh, and I bet that they would be utterly clueless on what to do if they DID find a bomb.


The problem though is that it is impossible to stop these security checkpoints now as the company running the MRT would be totally fucked if an incident happened after they had removed the checkpoints.



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But more than that, any person/group/religion that decided to attack an MRT station would hardly walk in through the front door or advertise themselves. How much egg on their face then for allowing it to happen when they have 'shown' their security.


Same shit in Terminal 21 shopping mall, maybe others too ???


Why no such pointless escapdes on the BTS, SRT, buses!


A false sense of security, worse than no security.

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This all cuts to the issue about what sense does it make to search for "dangerous objects." Objects are inanimate - and not particularly aggressive. What can be dangerous is a person.


"There are no dangerous objects - there are just dangerous men."


A dangerous man can take many innocuous objects and use them as weapons. The point of a ballpoint pen held against your jugular vein presents a fairly convincing threat. A shoelace with wooden pegs tied to the two ends makes a fairly effective garrotte. Etc., etc.


The lame "security theater" on display worldwide is basically just a jobs program for low-potential dullards.


I will make it a point to touch on the image projected by the MRT Police Force - not to be confused with the contract guards who perform security theater. The MRT police strike me as just about the last people in Thailand with whom I would want to tangle. I do not know from where they find these guys - but the all look alert, intelligent, physically fit, and - fairly dangerous.




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