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And Your Ultimate Band Would Be?


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I was thinking this evening (a bad sign when both sober and not stoned) who would make my dream four piece rock band. (still living)


Guitar was a difficult choice, so many to choose from FFS the Yardbirds gave us Clapton, Beck and Page, from the other side of the pond we have Satriani and Vai, even the RHCP had both Narvarro and Frusciante at one time or another but my choice is slightly abstract, imagine Frank Zappa on Yaba and you will get Buckethead, OK I play a little but this guy blows me away.



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Vocals, so many to chose from Plant, Gillan, Ozzy the list goes on but for me it is a toss up between Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell and Cornell takes it by a whisker.




So I have


Buckethead Guitar

Neil Peart Drums

Doug Wimbish Bass

Chris Cornell Vocals


Who would make up your ultimate four piece rock band?


PS I realise that Buckethead and Doug Wimbish are abstract choices but they make music I like to listen to.

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Bass is interesting most people would go for Jack Bruce, Lemmy or Flea but I prefer Doug Wimbish, who the fark is that you may ask, he played for Sugarhill Gang and also on Grandmaster Flash Classic white lines but for me his best work was when he was playing with Living Colour


Important note: hard to hear the bass I know on this track below (much more audible on the original vinyl) but White LInes is pretty much a rap over the top of this, subtracting the bit of murky vocals from the original.



Liquid Liquid had the very bad luck to record for a label that had no idea how to do business, got left behind when stuff like they did started to take off. This one was huge in NY clubs, whether it was the kind where groups like Sonic Youth would play, or ones where gangters from uptown would come down to breakdance.

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