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The Anything Goes Music Thread!


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By Lou Depryck, the same guy who sang the song 'Ça Plane pour moi' that became famous by Plastic Bertrand.





In the English speaking world Deprijck's best known hit was Ça plane pour moi which he recorded and sang for Plastic Bertrand[5] who remains generally credited for the song (and was upheld legally in 2006 as being entitled to be called its artist).[6] In fact Deprijk was also the 'voice' of Plastic Bertand's first three albums.[7] A Belgian appeal court in 2006 ruled that Bertrand was the "legal performer" of the classic track.[8]

Deprijck was also the creative force behind the success of Viktor Lazlo,[9] born Sonia Dronier, whom he met at Le Mirano nightclub in Brussels.[10] She initially did backing vocals for Lou & the Hollywood Bananas before taking the name Viktor Lazlo from a character in Casablanca at Deprijk's suggestion.

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