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Maria Ozawa On Thai Men ...


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Since my stroke 14 months ago I have a lot of time. 14 – 15 hours of free time a day.

Part of my time I spend on the internet: Reading, studying, researching and writing texts and articles for several blogs and forums (mostly german).


I found out that the largest porno industry, the biggest production of porno videos and DVDs is JAPANESE!


The Americans have their Scoreland and their Bangbros.

In Germany there doesn't exist such an industry.

There is only one photographer, Bernd Daktari Lorenz, who makes some websites; mostly with big titted girls.

Nadine-j.de, milena-velba.de


But the Japanese beat all out of the box!!!


The Japanese porn industry is producing at a very high technical level. The Japanese porn companies are very professionalized.


Companies like S1 NO.1 STYLE




or E-body




Boinbb (ABC/ Mousou Zoku)



or GAS



There are many more.


Forums like akiba-online.com give an insight into the Japanese porn industry.

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Some further informations:



It should be 10,000 to 12,000 female porn models working in the japanese porn industry.

And every day new girls enter the scene.



There are thousands of underaged girls posing non naked, but they pose in explicit poses.

12, 14, 16 years old girls! Unbelievably! What do the parents say? They support and encourage their daughters to do that.

The parents are the impresarios and managers of their own daughters.

I shake my head and cannot believe it!



Many of them enter the hardcore business when they are 18 or older.

These girls are celebrated by the producing companies as “stars†who make their “AV-Debutâ€.

Adult Video Debut. They get naked for the first time and get fucked.



In my opinion Japan has a lot of ladies with big, with huge boobs. Not only Hitomi Tanaka but there are hundreds and thousands

of girls with amazingly big tits. Japan seems to be the only Asian nation with a great number of well endowed ladies.


Small, slim and stacked! Oh boys! ooooohhh, a sigh with desire.


Look at my specified sites.


In comparison: our Thai girls are poorly endowed by nature. What a pity!

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Not to mention the photo magazines of totally nude 8 or 10 year old Japanese girls playing in the park, climbing trees, spreading their legs etc. And Japanese porn tends to be somewhat on the sick side ... lots of rape and gang rape fantasies, especially of victims in school uniforms. A shrink would have a hard time explaining the Japanese.

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Without attracting KS' ire, I cant let this go without comment. There are signs that Japan is bowing to international pressure re the 'Lolita' aspect of their culture. I believe that this Wikipedia entry is misleading and the stated age of consent only applies in certain rural prefectures, but it still seems like something out of Medieval times. Fascinating culture, but not without its (very) dark corners.



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