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Maria Ozawa On Thai Men ...


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I'm told that the moral code or rule, when it relates to sex in Japan is that they have laws that specify no showing of penis, no vagina or combination thereof, which is why we see the obscured bits in their material. So because other things are not specified, other things are OK. So no censored arseholes then...


And as, we can see magazines with nude children, under the auspices of Nudism in the western world. The reality that there are pervs who gain a pleasure from these things, is the unfortunate aspect to all of this.

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Some further informations:


In a television documentary about the American porn industry (on Phoenix or 3Sat, German TV)

it was reported that there is a huge lack of male performers.

That's surprising, isn't it?


Only a handful of men "work" for Bangbros or Scoreland .

All the dozens, even hundreds and thousands of female performers get fucked by only a small number of porn boys.

All these beautiful girls – mostly with natural big boobies - are fucked by some lucky guys.

Oh I get envy.


!!! Male performers are scarce in this business!!!


This is also true for the Japanese porn industry.

There are almost always the same guys who fuck these beautiful charming creatures.


The interesting question is: Why?

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And having to perform for the camera, doing retakes, split scenes, ejaculate on demand, is trying, if you've got over the newbie's initial enthusiasm for the job, or so I've been told...


We can laugh, but I think coss has hit it on the head. Even the hardcore swingers who've started their own 'channels' (and largely ruined the pro porn industry in the states) appear increasingly disinterested over time. Not even sure how the subscription services survive with so much free pRon available on the Net, much less DVDs. SBS here in Oz has screened some interesting docos where they interview a few of the survivors from the 'golden age' and they all seem to tell a similar story - unless you can target a very specific market chances are that you wont make anything resembling a living.


If the Japanese AV industry is different, it's the willingness to accept an AV star back into more mainstream flicks (not Shakespeare - granted - but films where they have to show some acting skill beyond the usual porn cliches). As mentioned earlier, the men in the industry are completely superfluous - about the only possible exceptions I can think of are their shemales and I suspect that is driven more by a Western audience than Japanese men. In any case, I'm surprised by Nasiadai's earlier comment re Germany having no sex industry, as that absolutely wasnt the case right through the 80s and 90s with the company that published 'Private Magazine' - along with a host of titles including the imaginatively named 'New Cunts' (!) - engaging dozens of Germans (young and not-so-young) for their movies and magazines. With the possible exception of Brazilians, I cant say I've seen a more adventurous or uninhibited group of people onscreen anywhere, but then I've led a very sheltered life ;)

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In the 1980s almost all the porn that was shown in Bangkok was from Denmark. One Patpong BG had some trouble with the police, after she was recognised "performing" in some of them. She got off the hook because Thai law forbids making or appearing in porn in Thailand. She had done them in Denmark. The notorious "Nong Nat" got burnt a few years back because she was found to have done porn in Pattaya when she was 19. She had appeared in a Japanese-made film when she was a nobody. After she became a minor TV and film star, the porn producer re-released that film with her photo and name on the cover! Even so, she got off with a 20,000 baht fine and probation. She had actually done many porn shoots in Japan, but those are all non-chargable.

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