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Say Bye-Bye To The Free Aeon Atm

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As of yesterday, the Aeon ATMs atarted charging the 150 Baht fee.


Aeon was the only one that had not been charging the 150 Baht, now they do :dunno:


As far as I know, there are no ATMs in LOS that do not charge the 150Baht when pulling money over from your home country, USA in my case.

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Standard Chartered overseas accounts are charged for local ATM services, I have SC account in Singapore and do an online transfer to my SC Thai account for free withdrawals in TH.


In VN they charge 66,600 VND approx 100 THB per withdrawal, does not sound a lot but maximum withdrawal is only 3,000,000 VND is less than 5,000 THB so it soon adds up.

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Citibank, charges a fee. I have a Citibank account in the USA and they still charge the 300 Baht if I pull money

from an ATM here in LOS from the USA side.


Never tried HSBC, Standard Charter, etc. :dunno:


Not so for Citibank Australia customers with the Transaction Plus account, although I expect its only a matter of time. Extensive thread on this on TV, btw.

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so all foreign banks charge the 'in atm notified' local 150-300bt fee now on top of any eventual card issuer fees really??


i.e. any non thai visA/master/cirrus/v pay/plus/etc atm/debit/credit card will be notified in LOS to pay 150bt if proceeding with withdrawal?


well fuck those banks!
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