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The Thermae: A Crushing Defeat For The Americans


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The Thermae: a crushing defeat for the Americans

and for the rest of us, too.


Preliminary note:


I was the last time in Siam about 4 or 5 years ago.

I'll come back end of November 2014. I want to overwinter in Siam:

November, December, January, February.


Well, but this time I am not the sanuk and fun-seeking boy.

I come as a melancholy observer of the scene, which himself can no longer actively take part in the sanuk, in the fun.

I had an apoplectic stroke in December 2012.

This stroke has caused some paralysis of the right half of my body.

I must do everything with the untrained left side now.

But ok. no problem. I don't want to bother you.



My main concern: The good old days


The Thermae was an institution in Bangkok nightlife scene. Thermae is said to have once belonged to the Bangkok police chief; so it was rumored by local expats over and over again. It was open to 6 o'clock in the morning. Only the infamous coffee shop of the Grace Hotel Soi 3 could compete with such opening times.

In the 70ies and 80ies it was the meeting place for local expats, Vietnam veterans and holiday makers mainly from the Anglo-American world. In the course of the 80ies, more and more Europeans mingled with the guests: Germans, Austrians, Swiss, Dutch, Swedes, Finns etc.


In the nineties and the first years of the new century the Thermae has been was one of my favorite hunting grounds. I loved Thermae with its girls, girls, girls … pretty and beautiful, ugly and ungainly, young and old ones, slim and pumpui ones; all kind of ladies. Wonderful. All were charming, smiling, and willing; 1000 Baht long time.


How did Sailor once sing?


So hop on, the world is swinging.

Don't sit and twiddle your thums.

Get up and meet those pretty Girls


Step on, the Thermae keeps swinging.

Get up and find those pretty girls.


A German guy wrote on a very lively German Thailand board, that he spent his whole vacations in the Thermae. 20 days, 20 nights. Yes. The atmosphere was fascinating. The men: women ratio was approximately 1:4 to 1: 10. It was always a girl's paradise. The selection was huge. I have spent there blissful evenings and nights; I laughed with the girls, drinking, dancing, partying.

Oh memories, sweet memories.


The Thermae has even been immortalized in the novel by Canadian author Christopher G. Moore "A Killing Smile". There it is "Headquarters". In this novel, Moore celebrated the Thermae; he has erected a monument to the Thermae.



The final act: The descent, the "white" disaster, the decline of the white man:


There has been a shattering defeat, a shellacking for the white Farlangs in the Thermae in recent years; especially for the Anglo-Americans.


The Japanese and the nouveau riche young Asians have swept us Farlangs from our own best hunting grounds. We, the incumbents, the bosses - what is the English word for “Platzhirsch� - the alpha males or top dogs have chickened out and have, without resistance, abandoned this rich pasture.


“Wir haben buchstäblich den Schwanz eingezogen und haben uns feige verdrückt.â€

= We have litterally drawn in our cocks and have skived off cowardly.


That is the final curtain. The same will happen in Pattaya. I am sure.


The times they're a changing.


Charly alias Bakwahn

Hamburg Bangkok Düsseldorf

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Yes, I can remember the old Thermae days, although I didn't start coming until the late 90's. There was a low cost Hotel near Robinson Shopping Center and Thermae was in the basement. The toilet had glass doors and ladies were hanging around to help. The female to male ratio was about 10 to 1 in the few times that I went. (the 10 to 1 ratio was about the same at the HELP disco in Rio where I used to go at about that time). Times are changing.

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If you only started coming to Thailand you DO NOT remember the old Thermae days.


The old / original Thermae was located next to Miami Hotel on the corner of Sukhumvit 13, That closed in 1996 when it relocated to the basement of Ruamchitt Hotel about 50 Meters away.


It is the one that was located next to Miami Hotel which is referred to as the Old Thermae

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The original Thermae was in the basement coffee shop under the Thermae MP. It was just an ordinary coffee shop until around 8pm or so, when the freelancers started arriving. And you entered it by walking down the stairs in front of the MP, not by wandering through any hongnam. It was actually a fairly small place. When I arrived in LOS, it was a quietly kept secret - known only to GIs, airline flight crews and Peace Corps volunteers. :)





p.s. 100 baht "aw nigh". If you liked the girl, you gave her 200.

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I've been exactly one time, about a decade ago, and thought it fitting to be a subterranean lounge of sorts. The ghastly vermin and reptiles inhabiting the Thermae wouldn't be out of place under an overturned swamp log. Let the Asian chancers fill their boots -- there are much happier hunting grounds. Just my opinion of course.

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King Kung's attempt to make this defeat in retrospect a kind of victory, is a laughingstock, is an absolute joke.

We all know such reasoning strategies by our politicians, who try to reinterpret a defeat to a victory in retrospect.


"We have - generous as we are - left the Thermae voluntarily to the Asians, because there are only old, fat, ugly women. The Japs may like to have."


„.. ghastly vermin and reptiles“ are his drastic, aggressive words.


Well, well, I don't want to discuss about the quality of the Thermae-ladies.


This fact remains: we have lost a fat pasture.



Sorry for my bad English! I learned it at school, but that is some 45 years back.

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  • I did not come to Siam all the years to fall in love with an exceptionally beautiful girl.
  • I have not even come to boast with attractive ladies at my side. As we say in our language: Ladies, who would not even look at me with their asses at home in Germany! Do you understand what I want to express?
  • I am not an „optical-fucker“, looking for the superstar, superstunner, supermodel, the mind-blowing girl etc. In most cases these girls are starfishes, don't want fucking, demand moon-prices for their bad services, are runners.

I come to Siam for erotic adventures, for sexual pleasure.


I prefer girls with nice big tits, whith some meat on their bones, who are pumpui, voluptuous! Gorgeous voluptuos, yes that's right.

Girls who have to offer carnal desire, carnal lust for my greedy, randy hands.

I know that these kind of girls – ladies with big tits, hooters, boobies - are hard to find in Thailand. We all know that it is a hard and arduous business to find Thai ladies with big boobs.

Round about 95% of the Thai girls use to be flat chested, have little tiny tits. When God distributed the boobies, our Thai girls were just on vacation or on the toilet, have been standing in the last row and Godfather ran out of material … I don’t know; oh what a pity! Boobs are rare to find in LOS. But in Thermae you could find some big titted gems occasionally. Anyway, there were more such girls than in the Gogos of NEP. On top of that they were much cheaper and offered fantastic GFE and "I-take-care-you-feeling".


One of my favourite songs is “I like big tits†by Joe Walsh; one of the guys of the EAGLES.

I like big tits

You see 'em on the street

Left and right

I like big tits...that's right

I try to look away but I can't resist


Oh yeah!


Charly alias Bakwahn

Hamburg Bangkok Düsseldorf

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Sigh ... you've got me thinking of a Patpong dancer we nicknamed Balloons. For big tits the places to go are the MPs. The MP gals who did the "body massage" and "sandwich" were all well endowed. I asked one of them what it took to be "B course" girl. She said, "You have to have big tits!" :)





p.s. This is not Balloons. Hers were much bigger, plus she had a tiny waist! I heard she finally married an Aussie.

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King Kung's attempt to make this defeat in retrospect a kind of victory, is a laughingstock, is an absolute joke.


It is beyond ridiculous to frame such a specious argument of pick-up lounge clientele demographic change as a "loss" or a "victory." Maybe the term "crushing defeat for the Americans" gives you a thrill up your spine. I would suggest Americans haven't considered Thermae a destination for nearly two decades. Maybe the Germans like 'em old and leathery. You can have mine.


(with losses like this who needs victories?) :hubbahubba:


This fact remains: we have lost a fat pasture.

Who is "we?" I thought it was a crushing defeat for the Americans. :dunno:

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