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The Thermae: A Crushing Defeat For The Americans


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I lived "soot soi" Suk 8 in the late eighties and early nineties and would wander up to the

location on the corner of Soi 13" a lot"

It was quite the spectacle and alotta fun.


Last year I walked through around 11PM a NEVER GOTA GLANCE FROM THE GIRLS


OH well nothing stays the same

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Khun King Kung, you don't read my text with the necessary attention.


I wrote:


The Thermae: a crushing defeat for the Americans

and for the rest of us, too.


I am involved too, as well as all the other (white) farangs who used to inhabit the Thermae.




Flashermac, yes I know, you can find voluptuous girls with nice boobies in several MPs


But these parlors are relatively expensive. 90 minutes, 2 hours 2000 or 2500 Baht or more. Not bad.


Now the wiseacres and the notorious overpayers say: a st with a gogo girl from NEP will cost just as much.

I can say only: We have reached western price level with these prices for st.


Oh yeah!


Charly alias Bakwahn

Hamburg Bangkok Düsseldorf

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While the girls in Thermae might prefer Japanese because of their willing to pay more and are easy to service, they will take other customers if the price is right.


The times that I was there, I have not seem them turn down paying customers, irregardless of race

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Having visited Thermae during my last trip to Bangkok, I can report that there are changes. First, the neighborhood has

changed somewhat with fancy new upscale hotels located all around. The girls have gotten younger and prettier than earlier years and yes, Japanese clientele are the majority customers.


With that, prices have gone up to 2,000 baht st and some girls would not do long time because they can do 2-3 customers or possibly 4 or more time an evening.


Also, it is important to note that action starts early with customers coming in around 9pm and by 9:30pm, the best girls

are picked. About an hour or so, they come back for a second round.


Years ago, action would not start until 11:30-midnight but that is not the case nowadays.


While I have not come during late hours, I believe prices might come down for girls/women who have not been selected.


It is also interesting to note that I recognize a girl/woman who I took out years (perhaps as long as 10 years ago) who was

plying her trade. These working girls/women tend to have a set place where they stand with the best looking ones in the

middle of the room and on the left side as you walk in from the front door.

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Accurate report, I still like the place, even in the 90's I found the girls could be very selective, if they didn't want you, they didn't go with you.


The nature of freelancers.


Trick seemed to become known.


I've seen the same girl/woman trade her craft there for more than 14 years at least. Not sure what the record is, the staff definitely are stayers.


The best short story (the best story I thin) by Christopher Moore was about one of the waiters there.

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OK, data point.


I just flew back to the US after spending two weeks in BKK.


Sports Academy is a very well-run small pool hall on the 2nd floor of the Ruamchitt Hotel, in the basement of which lies Thermae. While on my way to Sports Academy, I found myself talking with a sweet young thing on the front steps, who was working on her makeup, in the early evening. I do not know whether she was going to Thermae eventually. I do know she was "available", and was quite willing to go with this particular 59-year old 286-lb farang. I had appointments to keep, and I had to disappoint her, but I did make a point of getting her telephone number.

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