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Daytime Fun In Krung Thep


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Bangkok, I'm coming! This is not a promise, it is a threat!


I'm thirsty, I would like to adventure. The Singha beer and the girls are waiting.


On Monday 24. November in the afternoon I'll be at QPP and in the evening I'm at Nana Plaza.


Guys, come for a beer.

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I'm also often in search of daytime fun, and you've basically hit all the good ones. Queen's Park Plaza is an old standby, but you really have to be committed to making a good time for yourself there, and be really lucky in terms of running into a very rare indeed hottie. But there are a few veterans who you might play some pool with - but shit, it's only the occasional lucky day that things work out there nowadays. In desperation, I've frequently relied on the several bars at the mouth of the soi, they're open early, even if talent is sparse.


I'm usually amazed by soi 7 biergarten - amazed at the relentlessly poor quality of the offerings, and even more amazed that despite the lack of girls, the punters still outnumber the freelancers quite often. Bizarre.


Soi 4 - an odd clientele, but that's probably your best bet for finding at least an average - okay, perhaps not average, but passable - girl, or near facsimile thereof.


I bitch about it all, but still, I'd far prefer to spend my mornings over there, in the rain, than in the office or virtually anywhere else.


Pattaya's about two hours away, of course.

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I am in Bangkok now.

All is ok.


I do my first walk around. Just now I am in Soi 4.


It is good, to touch the green green grass of home ...



YimSiam many thanks for your detailed informations.


I have fun, I am in good mood.


Bangkok, Soi 4; November 24. 2:17 in the afternoon

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