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Daytime Fun In Krung Thep


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Which are good and recommendable places for day time fun along Thanon Sukhumvit?


ok. of course, I know lower Sukhumvit from my visits.


* Queens Park Plaza – Soi 22

* There is the Biergarten - Soi 7

* Gullivers – Soi 5 expensive; and even the girls are more expensive than in Biergarten

* There are the bars along soi 4 – soi Nana. Well, I know many of them.


Do you know some more recommendable places with some friendly girls for chatting and drinking; for day time fun?

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Well, no one else seems inclined to pop your bubble - so I'll step in.


Queen's Park Plaza and Soi 22 - 80% of the places only open up at about 4:30 pm - with staff trickling in until sundown. The other 20% have just a couple off old hens puttering around in the afternoon.


Soi 7 Biergarden - Does kick-off around noontime, but pickings are pretty slim until late afternoon.


Gullivers - Same as Biergarden- and 60% are the same girls, who gravitate back and forth


Soi 4 - This is really your only choice for daytime - with Hillary bars and Morning & Night, and a couple others. But - again - you don't get the best selection showing up, until the sun goes down. No spring chickens at 11:00 am or 1:00 pm.


If you get frustrated, I have one suggestion that you might try: Head over to Sukhumvit Soi 23. Opposite side of street from Soi Cowboy, and starting at about the Post Office, and extending up to the main four-way intersecting cross street (NOT the T-intersection - most of the places are north of that road) there are maybe a dozen "massage" knock shops. But - they will also chat with you, if you are taking things slow. Many quite attractive girls, fairly good English skills, very safe. "Basic" happy endings routine, "happier" endings not assured, but have been known to happen - if you catch their fancy, and if you have a bit of spare cash to throw around.




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ok. StoneSoup,


thanks for your hints and advices. Yes, Soi 4 seems to be the only good place for day-time-fun.


On the left _________________________________________ on the right


Morning Night, Stumble Inn, Big Dog,

___________________________________________________on the right side the Golden Beer Bar of Nana Hotel,

Strikers Sports Bar,

___________________________________________________Bar 4 and Melodies Bar

Dynasty Inn has a beer bar groundfloor ____________________Bus Stop

Naughty girls

Hillary Bar




and so on - and so on


so dear StoneSoup, my posts are a kind of bubbling?

You're lucky that I am now in Hamburg and not in Bangkok, because otherwise you would get in trouble with me hahahaha

No harm meant!

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Once again it becomes clear, how important and good the Washington Square was for day-time-fun.

I miss it! Friendly and nice girls, all the interesting guests – many of them local expats -, cheap beverages, relaxed atmosphere ... a part of the old Bangkok faded away.

Why does it always rain on me?


I fell reminded of an old classical immortal song of the one and only Harry Belafonte.

My farewell song for the Washington Square:


"Try to remember the kind of September

When life was slow and oh so mellow.

Try to remember when life was so tender

When noone wept except the willow."


And another old song comes to my mind. Here is my version of a very melancholic song:

Oh show me the way

To the next gogo bar

Oh, don't ask why

For if I don't find

The next gogo bar

I tell you I must die …..


I am counting the days: 32 days to wait.

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^^ that looks kinda interesting Flash. I need to get an investigative sleuth reporter job so I can get paid to explore the urban craziness. Fuck this sitting around in an office shite.


Sorry OP, to your query -- so your criteria is drinking alcohol at a bar establishment with women around to engage with while you're there, in the daytime.


That 'daytime' thing limits your social options, and SS is right - the women at the bars during the day - all of the bars - are generally not all that inspirational, plus the heat saps your energy, it's much more subdued. NIght time is the right time. :)


That said, soi 4 is your best bet for the given criteria. During the day the bars with the most women hovering about will be Morning/Night, Hillary 4, Nana beer bar, Bar 4 (probably). Maybe Hillary 1. The other bars will only have a small handful of ladies around. Ooops, the place just adjacent to Hillary 4 (at the Nana entrance) might be alright too. Soi 7 Biergarten? Big mayb3e. Biergarten is hot, balmy, with some slightly overweight middle aged and aggressive lady hawks hovering about in the day.


Strikers, New Wave (soi 7), Gullivers are great places to shoot pool in daytime because hardly anyone there (I think you can even shoot free at strikers until evening shift comes, maybe not anymore).


Good luck.

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Why not try the hostess bars on patpong?


I assume you're referring to Cosmos and the two places next to it (can't remember names)?


Unless something has changed in the last year Cosmos is dead day and night and stinks. The other two look very quiet at night so are probably very quiet during the day.


The Crown Royal might be worth a try though.

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