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Gun Control


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Looks like there are sill too many guns .....


On September 29, a 42-year-old man was shot dead by police outside an Inala unit block after a four-hour stand-off


On October 21, a 29-year-old man survived being shot in the head in arms by police at Rochedale on Brisbane's southside.


On November 18, a 33-year-old man was shot dead by officers at Kippa-Ring near Redcliffe, north of Brisbane.

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This is nothing new in deaths of young people and guns in America, hey let's keep the 2nd ammendment. At least 28,000 children and teens were killed by guns over an 11-year-period.


For every U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan during 11 years of war, at least 13 children were shot and killed in America. Another 2,700 or more were killed by a firearm before they could sit behind the wheel of a car.


Zeke Cohen, executive director of The Intersection, a Baltimore youth advocacy group


" America as a country tolerate violence when it is in low-income black communities. Because they have come to accept that the acceptable face of gun deaths is black, and allow it to continue to happen"



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The BMs that want gun control usually:


1. are not US citizens

2. have never owned guns

3. came from a "nanny state" where guns are strictly controlled

4. do not remember that Hitler took all the guns away and then do not remember what happened after that

5. fail to look at the murder rates in their own home countries


...and yes... :stirthepo :stirthepo :stirthepo :stirthepo :stirthepo :stirthepo :stirthepo :stirthepo :stirthepo :stirthepo

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