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Gun Control


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In the USA when we had the "wild west" and most everyone carried guns, do you really think that the murder

rate was out of control?


Of course, a vastly different time and people had different (better) values.


Sad today, that those values have mostly evaporated. What happened to doing a deal on a hand shake? let your

word be your bond? basic honesty? family values? respect for people? lend a helping hand?


Today me thinks that the new generations get their values from the TV shows and Facebook.

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Yes.....make guns illegal so that the only people with the guns will be the criminals. Brilliant idea.

I wonder why smarmy little John Oliver didn't go interview Aussie residents of downtown Sydney, and ask them how they felt about being disarmed:  

The BMs that want gun control usually:   1. are not US citizens 2. have never owned guns 3. came from a "nanny state" where guns are strictly controlled 4. do not remember that Hitler took all th

One thing that has always turned me off on the anti-gun crowd is that they lump hunting accidents in with hand gun deaths. Who goes hunting with a pistol? I saw one anti-gunner on TV showing a chart of "hand gun deaths" in America. It included Lee Oswald killing JFK with a Carcano military carbine and MLK being gunned down by a sniper.


In reality, one of the best weapons for home defence is an old fashion double barrel shotgun with hammers on each barrel. You can keep a non-lethal round in one barrel and buckshot in the other. That gives you an option to react to the situation.

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"Killing a bear or an elk or for that matter any animal, for the most part, is about killing for food, not for sport."


Not sure if I agree with that statement. I'd imagine that for many who hunt as a 'sport', it is about the kill itself.



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