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Gentlemen ,


awfully sorry about polluting this fine board with meaningless posts these days but it is important . Researching all possibilities of finding the temporary love of my life I realise I did not try escorts and ladyboys so far . Is there any recommendation available from here ; resident boardmembers should have had several affairs with ladyboys under purely statistical aspects . Stickman says he is not "into" ladyboys in general . Which is all I know so far , honestly .


Ref escorts I am totally confused as some of the charge 6000 for overnight services ( which I prefer) , others want 16.600 for an overnighter or alternatively 9500 for 3 hours " intense date " . I am lost . Basically i am after an elderly woman with excellent presentation who does not trouble me with discos , smartphone and desire to build a house . I developed an allergy against the latter in particular .


Over to you .




I found this here by the way : a cooperative , socially acceptable and innovative .


Your high class holiday companion.

Thailand only Cooperative of Independent Escorts

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Pre-op only? Well, then - delete, delete, delete. Sorry, I got nothin'.


Post-op? Any committed monger these days has some experience, whether he knows it or not, is my conclusion (in my case, perhaps obviously, I know it - I know it now, that is, though at the time I was in the dark, so to speak.

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YimSiam, you're a bright friendly guy. You seem to have a ladyboy fixation - now I understand. You're coming to terms with a crying game moment? Let it go. :)


When I stayed a year in Berlin Germany (long time ago in 90s), there was this fella Stefan we'd hang out with - intelligent, funny, and absolutely convinced that every thai woman in the city (yes there was a thai population there) was in fact a ladyboy. You kinda remind me of him. :)


I'm in the stickman camp on this one - not my thing. But hey, whatever, they're adults and not hurting anyone - i'm sure good and bad just like everyone else.

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