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Another Bangkok Food Institution Gone


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I confess to mixed emotions about this. While I don't mind seeing the endless tourist ripoff vendors removed from Suk, removing the street food vendors is a different story. They're a fairly critical part of the Bangkok economy, providing good, very affordable food to workers and tourists alike.


And I'm reminded of a very late night at the corner of Suk and Suk Soi 3/1, in the little covered patio with the five food carts (now three: someone built Yet Another junk costume jewelry shop on the south end of the patio. A sweet young thing from one of the clubs in Nana Plaza had the munchies, and she took me there.


Best shrimp pad Thai I've found ANYWHERE!


I would never have gone there on my own.

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It is going to piss off the expats as much as the Thais. The food at such places is better and much cheaper than most fancy Thai restaurants. One of these days, Bangkok is going to consist of nothing but condos and shopping malls. Then who is going to come here?

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