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Tilac, I Want To Eat Steak


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Been to Bourbon Street about ten times, a couple of times with PTBM. Once I was killed by the oysters, even though others were not. 2 days, projectile, vile.


The place looks like it is a home away from home for the lonesome expat, on some occasions the food is quite good, not Haute, but far enough away from Asian to give the local an Authentic, Farang Food experience.





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On 9/29/2016 at 11:32 AM, Flashermac said:

If she likes a Farang style restaurant, you could always pick Bourbon Street. It's not cheap, but it's not outrageous.




I think Bourbon street is probably my favorite restaurant in BKK. As you say not cheap, but not daft.


The fajitas, po boys, Reuben are great and the breakfasts are very good especially the SOS. 

The should have pumpkin pie on the menu now as it’s almost thanksgiving 


In fact, I might go there now for a bit of gumbo and a beer.


life is wonderful 

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We've got Argentinian steak houses  in NZ too, even in Vientiane.

They operate on seeming to give you vast chunks of BBQ'd meat, at reasonable prices. But most people don't really eat more than about 200gms of meat at a sitting and when the bill comes, it's not outrageous, but more than you first thought.

As to the eye watering price in LOS, well, yes, TIT

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