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International Banking: Usa <> Thailand


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I tried online but they needed me in their office to verify my ID.



There has to be an easier way to verify one's identity than personally showing up at a far away location, especially with technology that is available today.


I had to verify my identity with Airbnb a few weeks ago; and I was impressed with how they went about it. First I had to scan and submit my driver's license, which was done online using my scanner and laptop. Then they took control of my laptop webcam, which they used to look at my face real time and compare it to the picture on my driver's license. That was their way of verifying my identity. I think the whole process took about 15 - 30 min.

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Sounds good,


"Then they took control of my laptop webcam"


but no thanks- -what did they install for later? in a directory buried beyond sight, with a filename like mcxdomain.RunAtLoad.

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