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International Banking: Usa <> Thailand


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I tried online but they needed me in their office to verify my ID.

The sent out my ATM card, but when I called to verify the delivery date, the said it was not sent via FedEx...next day arrived via FedEx but they canceled that card and now they tell me FedEx will deliver a card today... WTF... Now waiting for Fedex

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I've used Schwab for years, service has been great. Lost ATM card twice, including once when I was living in Thailand. They wouldn't ship a new card to Bangkok but they did allow me to use a friend's CA address as an alternate address - shipped it to him express and then he sent it to me DHL.


I lived off that ATM card/schwab checking account the year I stayed on soi 13 -- and it saved me probably @ 800 usd (in reimbursed ATM charges) over the course of the entire span I was there.


It's also tied to an external account so simply did online transfers when I needed to move money in.


But anyway - the ATM reimbursed fees combined with exceptional customer service and fraud protection make it a definitive thumbs up.

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Banks have decided that they are in the information gathering game, I got a bank cheque the other day, it was the only convenient option, but they bank wouldn't give it to me until I told them what it was for, $190.00.


I asked why.


Waffle about the proceeds of crime act. Which is a law here.


I remind them that this law is, they have report transactions of $10,000 or more. This is the threshold, not 190. I am happy for them to do so, but requiring a purpose, for the use of my own money, is an invasion of privacy.


More waffle.

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