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Dumsoda Is Still Kicking!


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I made the trek up to Nong Kai and stopped in to see DumSoda!


He has a great little pub/restaurant on the "walking street" of Nong Kai.


I stayed as a hotel just kitty-corner from his pub, Jing Joe Pizza.

Nongkhai City Hotel


Address: 1129/12 อ.เมืองหนองคาย จ.หนองคาย 43000

1129/12 Soi Nitapat

Nongkhai City Center


Phone: 042 421 441

Nice, large and clean rooms...480 Baht


He is usually closed on Saturdays, so it was just a one day visit.


His profile on facebook shows his previous location, on the river, which he moved from about one year ago.


The phone number is still correct so if you get up that way, pop in for a chat.


The Friendship bridge is there and is an easy commute to Laos.

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Thanks guys.....It was great to catch up with Cav and chew the fat over a few cold ones

It's been a long time


Been up here 4 years now....and loving it


Busty boy...thanks for the kind words....been a long time mate....Hope you're keeping well


Waerth....for God's sake man this is LOS.....never too far away from a kitten or 3



Me....retired...Monoggy mouse for 5 years now....never been happier in my entire life


We are working our butts off....but life is good


To all our old buddies....YES....Cav & I talked about you all....LOL


Hope life is treating you all well and you guys are as happy as I am


Anyone coming up to the Border....give me a call and let's down a few cold ones



Cheers DS / DC

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