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Neuralink And The Brain’S Magical Future


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Finally finished the article. Heavy stuff. Not really sure what to make of it though. It is very much 'out there', yet with the pace of technological advance we are currently experiencing anything seems possible. Skype would have been magic to someone a hundred years ago.



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Well essentially, my take on this is, we'll be able to communicate by mind reading, telepathically.


This, depending on how you set it up could mean that very one can vote, now, for instance.


Or more likely, we'll have firewalls that keep stuff private in our heads and only dumbasses will have all their settings on public. It'll be very easy to know when a person is a dumbass.


But as he says, the unscrupulous will find away to benefit at the expense of others.

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I just did a website for an acquaintance - I discovered he is a dumbass, even when I explained domain names to him, we ended up having to register and use three, because he changed his mind between the printing of the business cards, the stationery and the sign writing. All have a slightly different domain name.


Then when the website was done, the one he commissioned from me, he flipped out because it wasn't on Facebook. I had to explain to him that Facebook is just another website. He thought Facebook was the whole web.



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