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Anyone Been Here?


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Elephant Kingdom in Chonburi, Thailand


© Jon Nok / SWNS

In Elephant Kingdom, Thailand, at a Crocodile farm, the owner leases out a small semi-closed raft space for tourists to come visit, see and FEED crocodiles! The raft is a thin wooden one balanced on plastic barrels and has net enclosure half way around it. The shack has a roof too. The people get inside the enclosure and are given fishing rods to feed the crocs. They use beef or meat pieces attached to the rods and dangle the rods before the crocodiles. The reptiles then jump out of the water to catch the meat and their food. There are tourists who also tease the crocs by dangling the meat in front of them and then pulling it up as the hungry animals reach for it.


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An old friends village, my wife and I used to visit had a croc farm/tourist thingy.


We went back a few years later and I suggested we all walk down and watch the show.


"Its changed" I was told.


We went down, place was abandoned, fences with huge holes and


Still had crocs in the ponds who apparently when not fed enough would go out into the village looking for food


And no one thought that odd


. . . . . . 

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