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Used Smart Phone For Back Up

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Are there issues with things the previous owner did that might cast suspicion on the new owner? I know you can reset the phone to it's original state, but ???


Of course there won't be a warranty, so it has to be really cheap.


Does Tuk Com have them or need to go to weekly market kind of place. Where else?

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New , fairly basic 3G phones not tied to any service provider can be had for about the same price as a higher-end used phone. note, however, that when buying a used phone there could be issues.

Not many people change their phones often if it works well, unless making a fashion statement. These phones are at best around 12 months old. So chances of getting a good one in this range is small.

The next step down are those who are short on funds and see this as an alternative to the pawnshop.

And finally, phones with issues. Dropped. Drowned. Any phone over 12 months old will need a replacement battery soon (providing you can remove it!)


And perhaps the one thing you don't want to know about, are tracker programs embedded in the phone that can wipe the whole thing in an instant. Some can be almost impossible to detect and therefore remove. Resetting does not necessarily remove them, especially rooted or jailbroken ones.


So just go get a cheap, new, 3G phone. It's only an emergency backup, right?

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Nevermind... I bought a new Lava 2,600 baht from AIS. It may or may not be good enough. Just getting into it and setting it up. Wasn't expecting to get a non Android OS. Star OS "based on Android 6.0" but it doesn't look like it.


And it asks for a shit load of permissions whenever you first access an app. They look like options but if you deny all of them, no access. Like the clock. Do I want the Clock to make and manage phone calls? Allow clock to access photos, media and files!? No! I want the clock to tell me the fucking time!


Get the same shit out of Browser.

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Personally since mid 2007 I have always used iPhone, remember getting the First Generation as a "Grey Import" form Hong Kong July 2007 at MBK ... haha I still have it for nostalgic reasons


I use 2 phones because of different countries, currently my iPhone 7 is my Vietnam Phone my 6 is my Thai and my 5 was passed on to my Brother in Law.


Probably will upgrade to iPhone X when back in Bangkok for TET / CNY for no reason except as Vintage Kwai puts it I am a "Fashionista"


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I bought a cheap Thai-only GSM flip phone years ago.


it is so old it thinks the current year is fiction, so I have to play with it every time I go to Bangkok, to get the calendar days and dates to line up.


But it still works just fine for what I need to do, which is phone calls and the occasional text.

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