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  1. The QR code is basically a location tag. When I went to Fashion Island on Sunday, they used the LINE app to scan me in. When at HomePro you had to scan another QR code, so basically they have an idea where your phone has been at a certain point in time. Tried to log out later, worked at HomePro but not at the mall itself. Apparently it's just linked to some sort of survey which I didn't bother with. I suspect that if you don't have your phone with you, you just fill in a form with your phone number. Will probably try next time with an old dumb phone that doesn't have a camera but st
  2. I went to the mini Big C to get a couple of bottles just after 11 this morning (and after my haircut) and the guy in front of me picked up 5 cases. Just behind him was another guy with just 2 bottles. He said he liked a beer after dinner, and probably like me decided to go a little early just in case some muppet had a change of heart and decided beer sales were off later this evening.. At least I'll be able to end the drought with a sip or three this evening,,
  3. My Thai is also decent, but I started learning in adulthood so I don't expect to be anywhere near where they are, even after more than thirty years here.
  4. Yesss!!! I think the decision has also been prompted by fears that many people will start to resort to homebrew hooch if the ban is continued, and that, in itself, could start a different kind of epidemic..
  5. Jumps in... Too painful to watch. Poor bloke, only in Thailand for a couple of years, and living in the typical Youtuber bubble.. Certainly not in touch with the 'real' Thailand, he has a relationship with a well-to-do Thai and her family, can cycle around every day if he wants to, and knows just enough Thai to make him stand out like the typical Youtuber he is. The content is based loosely on comments from most other furriners' hard luck stories. Well, you typically don't see the success stories being glorified in any chat group, Farcebook or your typical social media platforms. In
  6. One hopes this board will continue as is. Though I am not an active participant, I drop in on occasion just to see how things are going on. Many old names are long gone, I remember their posts with a sense of nostalgia. Part of the reason the board is the way it is is that many of the board members have actually met up socially. I did attend a couple of get togethers at that Aussie place; Stick walked in a bit later and Coss had just had his teeth done.. Though I did spend more time contributing to Stick's website, and did meet up with other contributors through the get-together and also the s
  7. Good on you, giving up the fags is quite a stressful experience. Have had on on-off then on again and now off for at least five years, think I'm off them for good now. Have scaled back the beers to almost nothing and bought a mountain bike for exercise as the treadmill didn't do my knees any favours. Having three heart stents done recently probably gave me the motivation to make a fairly dramatic lifestyle change so guess I'll be around a bit longer to stick my head in on occasion. Have a happy and healthy New Year Cheers VK
  8. Went from being in the middle of a large roundabout, to a traffic light intersection, which changed to and intersection with tunnel, and was basically a parking lot for government vehicles the last few years. The past year or so has been part of a construction site for the extended electric train so I think is being 'moved' to make way for the MRT station slated for that site. It is of less significance than that of the Victory Monument (where they built the track to go around it) so in some ways no surprise.
  9. PS, my views on learning Thai, and it's usage.. First off, I am a firm believer in that if you stay in any country for any length of time, learn the language! Now, with that off my chest, I will tend to agree with Stick, KS and Flash in that you will find it to your advantage to speak Thai, but only if you speak proper Thai and not bar gibberish. It helps if you read and write the language too. I've never had any problems in dealings with government officials; in fact the immigration officer I usually deal with for my PR status recognizes me and greets me every time I see her. Ditto
  10. I prefer offline maps, and am using Sygic on my Android phone. Think they also have packages for iPhone. Does not cost an arm and a leg and has lifetime free map updates, unlike Garmin and other service providers. If you lose your data connection you're in the dark until back online again. Although Google Maps does allow you to download for offline use these days. I use both as each have their strong and weak points. Note that when using navigation your battery life will suffer.
  11. Haha. Thanks for that, made my morning..
  12. Yes, KS is correct, condos only need provide for 40% parking. Re misuse of moobahns for both parking and passing through, I have yet to stand outside my house with a machete since some numpty has found a convoluted shortcut through my moobahn and it has become a defacto shortcut during morning and evening rush hours. And in similar vein, the BIB aren't too keen to enforce the peace. Maybe I'll invite those aunties over for tea one day.. hehe.
  13. G-Spot was definitely back center. Not one of my favourites, though. I preferred the Three Roses and Hog's Breath next door. Good music, unlike the techno pop they were playing everywhere else. The DJ also had some morlam stashed away, this used to really energise the girls.. Hehe. For spectacle, the place of choice was the Mermaidium, before they the drained the tanks..
  14. M, please note the qualifying word, 'fossilized'. (And yes, in my dictionary, that is the way it should be spelt).
  15. They get a lot of practice carving those intricate wax dragons and stuff. Also a lot of wooden scrollwork, though the skilled artisans are not as many these days. Another lost art revived elsewhere were those cinema billboard painters. I remember the most colourful and vivid billboards outside the Thai cinemas. They are now painting buses..
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