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How Zuckerberg's Facebook Is Like Gutenberg's Printing Press - Oh Dear...

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I get nothing for me, at least not on Google's first page. I'm registered on quite a few profession related web sites and work related platforms not to mention various hobby sites. Don't have a Pornhub account yet though :)

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Why Are We Just Finding Out Now That All Two Billion Facebook Users May Have Been Harvested? Forbes



article has 13 paragraphs, maybe too much for some readers.



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Type in your full name on Google and search. It was hard to find me not so many years ago, but when I do it now ... I find my birth date, my parent's names, my sister's name, my nephew's name, my address (old one), the universities where I studied etc, That's a big change and came as something of a shock.


Fortunately for me and as a result of my studiously avoiding, having anything to do with social media, over the years, the first several pages of results, for my name, turn up no one that is me.


What is disturbing, is how many people there are, with my name, who seem to be leaders in their fields, of some quite respectable professions. Jeez

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