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Days Till Siam/nep/pattaya


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Some very telling words there:

Behind these walls, behind these doors, it is vice that reigns, here is sin at home. At the same time one feels magically attracted
to these places, because here the glamour, the eroticism, the sexuality, the sensual lust is celebrated - supposedly.

Great stuff indeed,

I rarely venture to Pattaya these days. After a friend who lived there died I've had no real reason to go, and I don't miss it. With two teenage kids and all the imagery that goes with  living in a Thai university I really can see no need. Okay so it's not on the beach which I suppose is the one thing it doesn't have. For the rest I'm good where I am.



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I present a small selection of my (our) experiences in Pattaya. During the days of the turn of the year Pattaya was hell.
The streets and sois were downright black with crowds. By the way, many Thais have been in Pattaya.

Let's start with this one:

Sexy Girls a gogo in Soi 8

Coming from Second Road, turn into Soi 8, then Sexy Girls a GoGo is about 80 m down the road on the right.
It's a spacious bar. The dance floor is in the middle. On the left and right are the rows of benches with seats. Behind the dance floor is the pool for the shower show.
The number of girls varies according to the month and season. But usually there are 12 to 16 ladies dancing there.
Some girls in a bikini, some without bra.
The supply of girls is mixed. The motto of this bar: Older and lush, full-bodied women for older men! like us 55555

“Eights”, "Nines" or "Tens" girls are not to be found here. But there are always two or three ladies present, which I wouldn't push off the edge of my bed.
Most of the ladies are in their late 20s and 30s.
But there are also two or three young girls - 19 to 25 years old.
Some of them with relatively full breasts - according to the normal Thai standard.

Bombshells = Optik-Granaten, “optic grenades” as we say in German, stunners, superstars, humdingers can't be found here.
There are hardly any “eights”, “nines” or “tens” here. Women like the girl next door, just like that; voluptuous, with some meat on their bones.
That's what I like.

Drink prices - I don't have in mind; but rather cheap. Clearly at the lower end of the price scale of the Pattaya-GoGos.
There's a cheap draft beer on sale all night, 70 Baht.
The barfine: 700 or 800 Baht.
Standard price of younger girls for longtime is 3000 Baht. But negotiable!
You can have them for 2500 and – when you are lucky – for 2000 Baht lt!
The older ladies are also available for 2000 lt.
And they deliver that special “girlfriend experience” and “take-care-feeling”. Real girlfriends.
You feel fine, smooth.
The audience are almost exclusively older men, like us here on this board. They are pensioners, 60 plus, mostly long-term vacationers, who live in the surrounding hotels and guest houses of the Second Road as well as the Soi 7 and 8.
Of course, almost exclusively white Farlangs, many Germans, but also other European nations are represented. Sexy Girls a Gogo is actually an erotic paradise for old men who also have a rather small travel budget. So for men who, due to their advanced age and small travel budget, can no longer make high demands on the beauty and erotic attractiveness of women.

The best part is the music. No techno, no computer boom-boom music!
Music clips, videos of rock and pop music from the last 5 decades are shown here.
Even some in black and white from the 60s.
Every now and then - which is quite refreshing - a few current Thai hits.
And all is played in a pleasant volume.
When the attentive DJ notices that there are many Germans among the guests, he also plays German music videos! My Thai friend and I danced with a girl in our arms.
My friend and me, of course we knew the songs and the lyrics, because they were  and they are big hits in Germany.

I give an example:
Nick P. and DJ Ötzi performing: “Einen Stern, der deinen Namen trägt”

Einen Stern, der deinen Namen trägt
Hoch am Himmelszelt
Den schenk ich Dir heut' Nacht
Einen Stern, der deinen Namen trägt
Alle Zeiten überlebt
Und über unsere Liebe wacht

A star, which bears your name,
high in the firmament,
I give to you tonight.
A star, which bears your name,
survived through all the years
and watches over our love.

My personal opinion:
One of my favourite gogos; relaxed atmosphere; you can have, if you like, fun with the girls.
You can have fondling fun, too. Most girls don't mind cuddling, smooching, groping and grabbing.

A good, cheap GoGo for older guys with willing and inexpensive ladies.
Nothing for those of you who like the the totally overpriced “SchickiMicki” Gogos, the fancy-schmancy, the trendy, in-crowd gogos like What's up, Skyfall, Bliss etc. on WS and Soi 15.

By the way: the boss of Sexy Girls a Gogo was a former policeman.

Nasiadai  - alias Bakwahn


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Fun with the girls from Joys Paradise, our hotel, guesthouse.
Drinking without end, music videos, Thai songs and German hits from 5 decades.


2 old men, without future, but with past, without work, without task, ended up on the scrapheap, but they know how to celebrate and enjoy life; until 3 in the morning.
Oh guys.



Good mood, good music and some nice girls for two old men  5555





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