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Facebook says hackers accessed personal data from 29 million accounts


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Facebook says hackers accessed a wide swath of information — ranging from emails and phone numbers to more personal details like sites visited and places checked into — from millions of accounts as part of a security breach the company disclosed two weeks ago.  Twenty-nine million accounts had some form of information stolen. Originally Facebook said 50 million accounts were affected, but that it didn't know if they had been misused.......

...On Friday Facebook said hackers accessed names, email addresses or phone numbers from these accounts. For 14 million of them, hackers got even more data, such as hometown, birthdate, the last 10 places they checked into or the 15 most recent searches....


Jeez I'm glad my details are not on farcebook.








How To Permanently Delete A Facebook Account











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Who puts their address and phone number of Farce Book? I don't even use my real name, and I certainly don't have my email on it. If someone really wanted to, they could probably track me down from FB, but it would take some effort on their part. Why make it easy for them?

p.s. In more younger, bar hopping day, I never told anyone my real name or where I worked. That was just common sense. (I had a friend who was mortified when one day a bar girl showed up at his English Dept at then Ayutthaya Teachers College looking for him.) I also never brought a BG home to my own apartment. That was just asking for trouble.


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" In more younger, bar hopping day,  I never told anyone my real name or where I worked. That was just common sense. "

But these days the attitude is, that if you don't report on every aspect, of your life, those 'aspects' are considered irrelevant or negative.

So the social driver, in the Snowflake/foof/'unconfidentia'  world, (the people who lack the confidence, that everyone over 40, takes as read) is to post positive stuff about yourself.

Even though, after many years of 'face palm' moments, when everyone learnt, not to post names and details, on the public face of farcebook and the like,  zillions of people still reveal most if not all, to family and friends.

Lets remember 'friends' is how facebook ranks your worth in the world, who wants to have no friends? Why,  I myself, under an alias, have 17,261,972.563 friends.....

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