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Nasa's New Horizons spacecraft has survived the most distant exploration of another world

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New Horizons zoomed past the small celestial object known as Ultima Thule. Scientists said it will take nearly two years for New Horizons to beam back all its observations of Ultima Thule, a full billion miles (1.6 billion kilometres) beyond Pluto. At that distance, it takes six hours for the radio signals to reach Earth...


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There's some interesting stuff on the WP page. At Jupiter New Horizons was managing 38kbps, at Pluto the data rate was down to 1kbps. Add another 1.6 Billion km and I guess they need to drop the rate a bit more. Note that b is a small b for bits not Bytes. Images are 12 mega pixels with lossless compression down to 2.5 mega pixels which at Pluto were being sent back 125 Bytes per second. And you thought you had internet speed issues!


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