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I think Mr Mekong may find this amusing


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Thanks pe7e 

Most people who Road Race do have a Professional Career, like not many road sweepers could finance a 750 racing machine and  it ain’t cheap trust me. The Doctors, they are not Docs who took up Road Racing, they are Road Racers whom became Docs. 

Road Racing is worse than any Drug, don’t  matter Ulster, NW200, Southern 100’s Manx GP or such once one has been racing on closed roads between the hedgerows  and dry stone walls clinging on for dear life nothing can beat it the ultimate buzz   ...   OK I have strange ways to achieve  buzz haha 

Indirectly Road Racing  And Thailand go hand in hand, to cut a long story short i remortgage the house without the then wife knowledge to race my last TT, I had a spectacular crash and  by th time I was out of Hospital homeless and divorce proceedings started, sort of”Shut the Fuck Up Bitch” so  I buggered off to SE Asia to avoid the nagging hahah . Little did o know back then that Thai Women can also nag.


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I tip my hat to you Kong, anyone who takes on that Guy Martin stuff, deserves some respect, or a straight jacket.

Whilst I never had hedgerows or dry stone walls, I did fly around NZ on my trusty yamaha xs 650,  sideways often, airborne sometimes. Luckily a broken leg was all I suffered for my madness.

for reference - wot Kong got up to :




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