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Too bad, another death of a Pattaya Infoboard.


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The Secrets-Board was founded in 2006 by a group of Americans who built the Secrets Hotel and the Secrets Bar in Soi 14, Pattaya. I was a member from the first days.
It was very lively for years, hundreds of active members posting lots of detailed trip reports and informative reviews, stories, messages, news and comments.
Girls, girls, girls were in he center of all texts, reports, messages.

From about the years 2012 / 2013 and following it became quieter, very slowly less and less trip reports and other contributions. The number of active
members decreased slowly but surely. Last year there were only a handful of active members on the board.
Also the topics have shifted massively. There were no more reports and discussions about girls and gogos, about interesting locations with ladies and girlies.

The board degenerated into a tragedy.

Instead, dozens of articles about the weather, about food and the cheapest chicken drumsticks.
Seniors, white guys 65, 70, 75 plus discuss the weather, rental conditions, health care, pizzas and chicken thighs; and sometimes where and what to buy: Viagra or Cialis  555555
I don't mind such topics. But if they control 90 % of the board, then there is something rotten in the state of Denmark.
Reports, stories, experiences, adventures, information about the girls and the bars should be 80% of the content of those boards. Then chicken wings and pizzas would be a pleasant addition.

The loss of active board members on this Secretsasia-Board in recent years shows the structural change in Pattaya. White Western men of sexually active
age who have dominated Pattaya in the last 40 – 45 years are becoming a minority. Asian men from the economically up-and-coming states of East Asia
take over the direction, the leadership. The dramatic decline of the Western currencies is only one sign of the gradual decline of the West as a whole:
scientifically-technically, economically, culturally.

Bye bye Secretsasia Board, rest in peace.



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The domain name and the appearance, the design of the board has been changed several times in the past years.

The company has moved to Cambodia.

Secrets Bar in Soi 14 is now Scooter.


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Here you can read a swan song about the former Secretsboard.


30th September 2019
Secrets Bar opened in 2006 on Soi 14. It was a development based upon the Walking Street FLB Bar which had been an early trail blazer for the new idea of an internet forum. The FLB forum was Pattaya Talk and proved very popular as place to discuss Pattaya nightlife while also promoting FLB Bar as a community meeting point.

Secrets was an offshoot from FLB and adopted both the idea of a forum and a meet up bar. The Pattaya Secrets Forum became the most popular in Pattaya and was key to many people's knowledge of Pattaya nightlife.

The forum maintained this popularity over many years but eventually declined giving way to Pattaya Addicts on the forum front, and to Facebook more generally. The Bar also declined, perhaps related to the decline of the forum.
Whilst still maintaining a connection to the Soi 14 Bar, the main focus of Secrets moved to Cambodia. Secrets tried to keep the forum going via a new forum host but it didn't work out and now the Secrets forum has totally closed.
But the Secrets Forum had a good run and will be missed by many.”

So far Dave from Pattayagogo.

Nasiadai - Bakwahn

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