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Expats Facebook Group Keeps Tabs On ‘Dual Pricing’ Venues


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The days of showing up at a pristine national park only to be told you’d be charged 10 times what a local would pay is over, thanks to a Facebook community naming and shaming venues that continue to apply “farang prices” on foreign visitors. Now you can avoid them like the coronavirus.

In 2PriceThailand Facebook group, expats living in Thailand are warning each other about places that demand dual pricing for foreigner regardless of their residence status, a practice openly endorsed by by state and private businesses alike, despite criticism of outright discrimination. 

“The intention of this group is to give foreigners the ‘Right to Choose.’ We don’t think it is fair that some tourist attractions disguise the fact that they have a dual price system,” the group’s About page says. 

“Our opinion is that if they want to overcharge foreign tourists by as much as 200% then that is their decision. But, don’t do it in a way that is both sneaky and insulting.”

The group also says they hope to see the abolishment of the dual-pricing system in Thailand...



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Private amusement parks etc are one thing, but when national parks double charge - even though you are a Thai resident and taxpayer - is something else.

A Thai driving license can sometimes get you the Thai price, but not always. I still ask for the Thai language menu in restaurants, a habit I picked up years ago when double pricing was fairly common even in restaurants.  Okay, so tourists have money or they wouldn't be travelling, but those of us on a local income certainly didn't. Thai university salaries for foreigners were never much over 30,000 baht a month when I was still working. Yet we got charged double or more at national parks than a Chinese Thai millionaire in his brand new Mercedes. 


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