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The Internet and the Democratisation of Knowledge


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I draw the reader's attention to this article from 2014.

And importantly, I'm not bring USA politics, to the assertion contained in this post.

Though I do use, the storming of the Capitol in the USA on Jan 6 2021 as an example, of the Democratisation of Knowledge in the Internet Age and how a large proportion of people, do not understand this.

What I am referring to is video footage of the moments the storming of the Capitol began and how citizen journalists and open source software have, with the New York Times, enabled technology to pick out the leaders of the Proud Boys, in the footage and follow them.

These guys (dressed as normies - their words):

1/. Led crowds to the Capitol.

2/. Distracted police and moved barriers.

3/. Started fights and were first to break windows and doors.

4/. All whilst dressed as (normies) normal protestors with no insignia and scarves over their faces.

The citizen journalists and open source software have, with the New York Times, made the identification of these guys and their actions, obvious and plain.

My comment is that, in the Internet Age, not only do people leave digital foot prints, with their cell phones and social media etc, but facial recognition and even old fashioned photos, can track you down when there's thousands of people, waving cameras around.

I think the only way to avoid identification in something like the Jan 6 insurrection would be to :

a/. not be there

b/. not do it.

I still can't believe how many of these people, who are being prosecuted for crimes, videoed themselves in the act.

Not very clever, the public at large. I know that some on this board are not only tech fluent, but conceivably experts, so I hope you'll share with me the amazement, that normally clever people, really don't know, that the Internet is an open book.

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A similar situation occurred recently in NZ when a bunch of anti vax/5G/election/racism/hygiene protestors videoed themselves at every opportunity.

Needless to say Police have used such footage to identify and convict, post protest.

Before the Internet age, I always thought, that people who dressed like Bikers or Gangsters, would attract attention from the law because they looked like Bikers or Gangsters.

So filming oneself in the conduct of crime, doesn't seem sensible, or clever.




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As if to demonstrate further

A man whose YouTube channel showed him driving high-performance cars at high speeds on busy public roads has been sentenced for dangerous driving.

Adeel Habib, 25, from Harehills, Leeds, was behind the Certi Drivers channel, which had more than 68,000 subscribers.

Habib's videos showed him driving dangerously on public roads, at high speeds, weaving in and out of traffic, racing other drivers and ignoring red traffic lights, police said.


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