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Gender neutral pronouns

I usually don't care what people want to be referred to as, in the internet age when people have pseudonyms like 'flirty-crocodile-267', names don't seem to matter.

Coming from a family that includes Journalists trained in English, not trained in TikTok, the use of Them or They for a single person does not work for me.

If we accept that the person, cannot settle on one gender, and that is their justification, for using Them or They, then what about people with 17 personalities? Are these folk condemned to being neither but possibly both genders?

I reckon gender various (gender-various, you saw it here first)  people should find  new descriptors, like himf or herm  or hef or shem  or multi-shoop-a-shama-lamba-a-ding-dong



" they're my favorite duet partner of all time."

See? english not working. Also for Yankee spelling...

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All I can say then is that your relatives were not trained by native English speakers.

They / Them has been used as non bender singular for Centuries well before “Gender-Various” (TM Coss 2022) picked up on it.

For example,

Give them enough rope, implies singular is going to hand themselves not a group of people.

I’ll give them a bell, implies making a phone call to one person and not multiple of people 

What you are seeing is the contemporary use of They / Them as a bender neutral pronoun, they (plural) have hijacked the words.

Other words which some think are exclusively plural but also singular include

”Our” especially in “Our Kid” a colloquial Northern English term meaning “My Sibling” ever to this day, when my sister emails or phones me her salutation is “ alright out kid”

“Us” us can mean me, as in giv us a bell ( give me a phone call) and best summed up by Yozzer Hughes in Boys from the Blackstuff and his infamous Gis (Give us) a Job


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No, I am Ding a ding a dang a dong dong ding dong dingy dang son of a gun.

I also happen to speak English English, I was at a Grammar School which was established before 1840, as opposed to the bastardised Kiwi English spoken by you colonials 


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Did something get changed?

The shopping chain here in Thailand, Lotus, has changed their name to Lotus's...

Did the rules change?

874 years ago when I was taught English...it was if the word ended with a s, then the new store name should be, Lotus'

Comments? correctness?

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