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Need to catch up on ways to move money from Thai bank to US bank


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I just haven't kept up with developments. I use PayPal and Zelle in USA. I see that PayPal is being phased out here, so I guess that isn't an option. What is the date it will no longer work? And a Thai bank won't allow it anyway.

Of course the cleanest most grown up way to move money is by logging into your account and connecting another account. But that never was an option here because the banks are sure they'll get ripped off. I assume the banks here won't send funds based on SWIFT codes, which is how I got most of the money here. Will they?

There are a lot of newer companies in this field. Please tell me about one that will work.

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Thai Banks will send money based on SWIFT codes, whether they will send money to USA is a different matter, I have never had the need to do so.

I did list some alternatives Here which you would have found in the “No PayPal Thailand” thread

Another  ew option is Dee Momey haven’t used personally or know of anyone who has 

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