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Having been out of the saddle so to speak with Laptops and scanners for the past 4 years , I have been using my Tablet all the time, this evening was the first time  I was using the HO 3 in  the Mrs got a couple of years back.

Hooked it uo to my work Laptop, which is a PC coz some specialist software only runs with Windows, and it Downloaded "HP Smart  Suite, again this is only for PC my Mrs just downloaded drivers onto my Macx.

Printed out said document no problems but as sin as I tried to scan got the message "Log Into HP Smart Suite, I am like WTF why log in only want to scan documents from MY Scanner to MY Computer why haveto register and log in to the manufacturer

A bit of digging showed that Smart Suite scans the document uploads if to HO Cloud Server and then downloads to computer. Not being a total moron I deleted HP Smart Suite App found just the drivers online, Installed them and scanned the old fashioned way.

The fucking cheek of it, storing a copy of every scanned document by every HP Smart Suite user on their servers. Worse than Facebooksince I am sure people scan sensitive document / details rhat even brainless imbecile wouldn't post on Facebook


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Yes, similar goings on with my Canon Printer, had to faff around for hours, to get it to print without using the provided software and an internet connection. Like you, downloaded the drivers and then just used it.

I wonder how long it'll be before Maga folk have to have an internet connection, to conduct an AR15 massacre at a church? Could be an improvement or not...

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