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Covo one afternoon.


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My kiwi buddie had just climbed out of the pool and sat on his lawn lounger and poured yet another Pinot noir. He always said it was his poison. We had been chatting on WhatsApp and covered the subject of yet another return,reunion,in Bangkok.He loved the city,as I did as well - we had met there by chance at a hotel reception,as I was leaving and he,arriving. 
Our last meet had been a great break away from both our businesses and the significantly different life of Thailand was the very essence of change we both sought. 
When one experiences the night life and ALL that runs in parallel with this,it is hard to forget and to not try and repeat. The days were for rest - the nights were,well,the opposite. From Bangkok to Buriram,Patong to Phuket, beers to birds and days to nights. It became a blur from day one to thirty one. 

So he sat up and climbed into his wicker seat and suggested we try another trip. 
So the usual ideas flowed until the Pinot noir ended,and we agreed on an idea and put forth a date which would suit us both.

He was the keener of the two,and by the nature of his business was able to make a decision quite sooner than I. I looked forward to the break as it would take me away from the long hours and stress of my business. So I agreed and we set about arranging the meet. 

Covid arrived. Brakes on. Both now stranded on a move forward. 

‘Not to worry’  he always said. This’ll be over in a jiffy. It wasn’t and …. the worst happened. 
The kiwi mate caught Covid - in the early days,he said it would pass. Days did pass,Covid did not. He went for a walk on the beach one morning at his holiday home. Got half way. Lost his wind. Stopped and fell. An hour later he was in hospital. We talked every second day - one morning he texted…‘that’s me mate’. He passed away an hour later.  

No trip-no mate. 

Who knows - perhaps a return to paradise,just without a great mate.

Here is to you buddie,I hope there’s Pinot noir up there,somewhere.

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Thanks Kiwi, a sad tale and one that shows true friendship.

It reminds me of the blokes who've gone, who were my friends. 

An aphorism, sourced from the cult of the sky fairies, is apt at this point: " There but for the hand of God, go you or I "

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