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Thailand holds strong as world’s sixth-best country for expatriates


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; top 3 – Panama, Mexico and Indonesia

InterNations has released its annual report ranking Thailand as the world’s sixth-best country for expatriates, maintaining its position from the previous year. The survey, which collected responses from over 12,500 expats in February, assesses 53 countries across multiple indices, including quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, personal finance, and “expat essentials” such as housing, administration, language, and digital life.

Panama leads the rankings as the top destination for expats, with 82% of respondents expressing high satisfaction with their lives there, primarily due to financial benefits, retirement prospects, and an enhanced quality of life. Mexico and Indonesia follow, ranking second and third, respectively. Indonesia made a leap from 13th place last year, praised for its low living expenses, hospitable locals, and balanced work-life environment.

Spain, Colombia, and Thailand complete the top six. In contrast, the bottom ten countries include Kuwait, which ranks last, followed by Turkiye, Finland, Germany, Canada, Norway, Italy, Malta, Ireland, and the UK, all of which face various challenges that detract from the expat experience.The report provides a comprehensive look at the lives of expatriates globally, exploring the various elements that influence their happiness and overall experience living abroad. (NNT)


and the photo




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During the first half of last year , 83 homicides were committed a day in Mexico , the lowest figure so far in the current federal administration, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography in its report on Deaths due to homicide. from January to June of last year. :shocked:

Wonder what percentage is expats from opportunistic crime.

2 Australian brothers and their Amerikan friend were murdered recently for the tyres on the SUV

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