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  1. Co-Founder of Fleetwood Mac Peter Green 73. Fleetwood Mac recorded such classics as Oh Well ! and Green Manalisi during his time with them as well as the Santana Classic Black Magic Woman.
  2. I tend to agree with this list, https://ultimateclassicrock.com/rush-albums-ranked/, Test for Echo was pretty dire.
  3. Mekong

    The Covid-19 thread

    Here was me thinking it was a selfie!
  4. UK had MI6: USA CIA, Israel has Mossad and Thailand has the Bamboo Telegraph.
  5. So my wife is using Authorised Thai government phonetic alphabet for secure transcripts. Fuck I married a spy.
  6. Maybe it is my Engineering background but I am stickler for standards, they make the world follow the same rules. One of these is the IPA or International Phonetic Alphabet, you all know it, Alpha, Brave, Charle etc Tango Golf is Thai Airlines, it was invented over 100 years ago and has stood the World well. The World except “Her Indoors” she has her own Phonetic Alphabet, B is Bangkok, S is Singapore, T is Thailand etc, every time she is on the phone using S is Singapore I can feel myself seething but there is no point in saying anything since I would be told “This is the Thai way, Western way is wrong” This is the Thai way, the number of times I have heard that haha, I have, in certain instances proven “The Thai Way” incorrect by Maths only to be told western mathematics is wrong. Now a days I am resigned to shrugging my shoulders, saying “Whatever” realise it is an argument I will never win and accept that there is “A Thai Way”
  7. Only doing what they were taught by their Colonial rulers in 1788;
  8. Mekong

    The New Yorker Cafe

    Maybe that is why they relocated.
  9. It was Mrs Kong who introduced me to “Sleaford Mods” Whilst in Vietnam she spent a couple of hours per day searching for “New” music.and I got back from work one evening and she told me “You will like this” and proceeded to put “Jobseekers” on you tube. Mrs Kong is well trained, her favorite album of all time is Joy Division “Unknown Pleasures” and thinks Mark E Smith of the Fall was a genius. ... Still working on her with Nine Inch Nails.
  10. But Germany are not ignoring sanctions, they are following UN and EU sanctions to the letter. As I said, it seems as if the US are trying to impose their will upon the rest of the World, it doesn’t work like that.
  11. Just because the US has sanctions against Iran does not mean the rest of the World have to. There are UN and EU sanctions in place which are followed by Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The last time I checked Germany was part of UN and EU but not part of US no matter what America thinks. Typical US arrogance to come up with unilateral sanctions and expect them to be globally implemented.
  12. East London, Seaford and Wallesy, Meseyside, Salford, Manchester, Greenock in Scotland etc. have one thing in common, they have Docks / Ports Wherever there are docks you get crime.
  13. Well in the UK there are still a couple of Pit Pony’s and Narrowboats (Barges) use to be towed by Horses, we’re they asked if they wanted the job. We have Police Dogs, Guide Dogs and Sheepdogs, all working animals, and it wasn’t that long ago since Child Labour in Mills and young boys were sent up chimneys
  14. Peter Ustinov only played Poirot 6 times where as David Suchet played the character 70 times between 1989 and 2013 http://britishperioddramas.com/lists/the-best-ever-poirot-actor-is-revealed-as-voted-by-you/
  15. Yes, I want proper English food such as a Fried Breakfast, Fish n Chips and Chicken Tika Masala. https://www.manchestersfinest.com/eating-and-drinking/know-uks-national-dish/
  16. But that was an International Food Court. If one had visited a Thai Food Court one would expect the Main food being served would be Thai and with a couple of American fast food joints, and not over 80% American. if I specifically wanted American food I would not have visited Thai Foodcourt
  17. Mekong

    Seven groups of Falang

    With Thai spouses is unclear, does that mean on marriage visa or just showing marriage papers. I have friends overseas married to Thai but no Visa, and people in Thailand on Retirement Visa, due to less paperwork, than a marriage Visa
  18. I like the Sleaford Mods especially Jobseekers.
  19. Funny how he rewrote History Won 2 World Wars ... Incorrect, no one country won the wars, The alliance of Nation States beat the alliance of Facistism. The Industrial Revolution ... Incorrect the USA followed the UK Train Transport (Railroad). ... Incorrect. same as Industrial revolution And most Americans believe these lies to be true. USA, USA, US of fucking A, makes me fucking sick. According to the Movies USA cracked the ENIGMA code and Alan Turing, Hut 5 and Bletchley have been erased from history OK, Rant Over.
  20. You could always leave, deleting all posts and then rejoining
  21. No problem Mao Zedong managed at least 20 Million during the cultural revolution. My Brother in Laws Mother, and her family, survived the cultural revolution. She was (rest her soul) Catholic and English Educated in Shanghai, just the type of people Mao did not need. The family travelled all the way down to Hong Kong and she got a job at the British Embassy. As a teenager I used o spend hours discussing all things China / Asia with her and I was fascinated, it is because of thes discussions why I ended up in Asia.
  22. The definition of “Calais Rock Bands” is rather questionable
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