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  1. Talking about Sex on a Plane, this is a great idea!
  2. I fly United out of Guam a few weeks ago to Tokyo. 7am flight, get on the plane, maintenance issue, get off. 9am get on new plane, sit for 30 minutes, get off again 12 noon, get on 3rd plane, sit on Tarmac for 20 minutes with flight plan delay. Took off and arrived in Japan to be greeted by my grumpy wife who'd been sitting at Narita for 9 hours. And I was happy - decades ago planes would take a risk and fly. I'm glad they didn't take off. And yes, big chunky waitresses, err, hostesses, but I've never fucked a hot hostie, or a fat one, so I don't care. Plenty of hotties where I'm usually going.
  3. Get it fixed or get something to dry out the shit in your nose I flew twice within 24 hours with a very blocked nose, the pain on landing was amazing, had to go to the hospital, I normally only go if I'm being born or dying, They did a head xray, my sinus's amazingly full of gunk To get it out they shoved a 6 inch steel tube down my nose and sucked it out. Felt great after that! And now I know the old carnival trick of banging a 4 inch nail up our nose and into your head.
  4. Given it's a prescription toothpaste, I wonder if you should stop in some of the better bigger hospitals or dentist clinics, Like Bangkok International Dental or something like that?
  5. A TV Series? I always found a disturbing similarity between "The Apprentice" and the team he picked back at inauguration, How many are left? And do they win a prize if they stay to the end?
  6. Is this the stuff? (Can't copy the pic) https://www.yourdiscountchemist.com.au/colgate-neutrafluor-5000-plus-toothpaste-56g.html?catargetid=120289700000021374&cadevice=c&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5qrXBRC3ARIsAJq3bwpbV_Q2UM3x2E2jIjK71n2eMiqBUgb-GW7wbmpW4FKbWB8r2C8fPjsaAlpTEALw_wcB
  7. Shitload of video and imageson the net Shooting the calander in Costa Rico http://www.redskins.com/media-gallery/photo-gallery/Redskins-Cheerleader-Beach-Photo-Shoot/a7734cef-52b8-4a26-9fb2-e77cc93f1577 Launch of calander http://www.redskins.com/media-gallery/photo-gallery/2013-Cheerleaders-Calendar-Release-Party/77a8d264-7e95-439e-8def-5c21b88f79ba
  8. BB - Hats off to Pilot Lim Ahhh MD11's, or DC10's I remember flying in Thai Airlines MD11's (DC-10) and got a business class upgrade, WOO HOO Only to discover that economy on Singapore Airlines was better than Biz on Thai in those days. My last trip to BKK this past week, arrived midnight Sunday left Midnight Tuesday, and didn't see a single red light. Not that I didn't want too, just no time with working even on Labour day
  9. No Photo's no proof Stormy was there too
  10. I saw the fart fetish, that's just not something I'd be into. I hate fanny farts so a real one ARGHHHHHHH
  11. There is a great Pharmacy on Sukhumvit between Soi 20 and 22 - It sells all kinds of stuff, act cool and you can get what you want I suspect. It may not be toothpaste.
  12. Is this Old Hippie? http://www.tokyokinky.com/kinky-japanese-girls-white-foreigners-feet-worship-fetish/ Twitter user @cAstadb recently shared some awesome images of her encounter with a foreigner in Shibuya, which apparently resulted in her stepping on his face and body. Clad in a skirt, black top, and black boots, she walked over his chest and face. Hmmm I was in Shubuya last week! I assure you it isn't me! In fact, the man is Fumare Lou-chan (Stepped-on Lou), a white American and total Japanophile with a seriously strong penchant for femdom and women stepping on him. He is currently in Japan, traveling around Tokyo and Osaka in search of feet. I love the look on this ladies face - trying hard not to giggle
  13. Meanwhile, in further educational news from Japan, a young college student is being described as in her first "Shoot" ashaving A slender body, pristine looks, and the ability to squirt immense fountains of shiofuki when she’s aroused enough with the help of a denma massager vibrator. Are these assets that will take her far in porn or what? And is this Yoga?
  14. Speaking of Education, The Japanese Education Minister is in a bit of a doodoo The Education Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi has apologized for using an official car to pay visits to a “sexy yoga†studio. http://www.tokyokinky.com/private-sexy-yoga-lessons-former-gravure-idols-scandal-education-minister/ Looks like Yoga to me!
  15. It's good to see that Japan is thinking about it's educational system, Here on NHK Educational Channel, is a lovely piece about a painter and a model And Noble Nipples http://www.tokyokinky.com/nhk-educational-tv-paipan-japanese-female-model-posing-nude-painting/
  16. Nice post, I think it sums up how many of us feel.
  17. I for one would love to hear more about you time here.
  18. Oh, I did the blocking thing ages ago, You can imagine the uproar if I flooded the USA thread with Thai news. The point, which Cav got, is that the board is not about USA debates, as if debating here would change anything. But rather a place to enjoy the fun of Thailand and Asia. I'd like to see an attempt to bring it back towards Asia and fun, rather than the majority of posts be two blokes insulting each other.
  19. That's a little harsh BB, I love reading both your posts, I think we can evolve, but still love the adventures we have. What I lament and tried to bring back with this thread at least some form of conversation about our adventures. Nasiadai, rather than reminiscing like old men drooling over their past, I am hoping that this might prompt some of us to post about our adventures, regardless when they happened. Post on this board is dominated by discussions about USA politics, Sure, that's a serious topic, but not here. Let's move the focus back to more fun topics. That means posting more on topic stories. You can see I've made an effort, I regularly post about trips I make which are far to rare, and lovely titbits about sex in Japan and elsewhere with illustrations to match. Live to hear from both itlf you, your different styles make this board work.
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