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  1. Ahh - wrong one, I know that one as well, frankly VOA site is more "secretive" than Ramasun.
  2. No idea how up to date this is, maybe Eddie is back? http://www.thaisabai.org/2013/04/western-bars-ban-dung-udon-thani/
  3. Yep - has the Thai signs all over the front. "Voice of Thailand" What's really funny is that there had been some agreement decades ago that the base would pay for the road repair in front of the base But they don't So for about 500m on either side of the entrance the road is just crap. So cars slow down. And the guards always get pissed if while going slow and through the holes you take photos. hehehehe Road so bad I had a puncture there once, and the guards came over to see if I was spying, only to end up doing most of the wheel changing. It is also claimed, that the very straight and quite good road leading up to the site from Baan Dung is a "runway" for emergency use, but with the power polls on the side, would have to be a pretty small plane. Any helicopters would land directly inside. Interestingly no one from the base ever goes into the Baan Dung and some nice bars there, not a small town. Eddies Sports Bar was great, sadly gone, and the Pizza place was amazing, real pizza, from a bloke who became a mate of mine, his wife and he had lived in Italy owning a Piazza shop before retiring to Baan Dung. His wife looked Italian, not even Thai, curvy, large, lots of Italian fashion etc. Place wasn't doing that much business though, he taught my wife how to make Pizza and also some infamous Pizza place up at Nong Kai, after his wife threw him out of his home.
  4. Was still active up to four years ago, maybe not as closed as it seemed
  5. HAH - So it a radar station Finally admit it's not Voice of America as the sign says
  6. An exporting country does NOT want a strong currency, a week one would help Thailand far more than a strong one, unless you want cheap luxury items
  7. I am back in Manilla next month, never find anything in bars there, Karoke is ok though but I fucking hate Karoke
  8. None of us here would want our wives to know about our "cough cough" habits here surely? Not all dirty pervs are ovious
  9. This guy seems to have tried to emulate Tussinee with a range of similar spinners https://www.xvideos.com/video1693723/cock_licking_fun_for_thai_teen_shiho https://www.xvideos.com/video610119/super_petite_thai_long_tounge_blow_job_thaigirltia.com https://www.xvideos.com/video5424178/slutty_thai_tia_18_has_to_suck_cock_in_her_swimsuit https://www.xvideos.com/video832410/me_happy_slutty_thai_zoe_18_suck_the_cock https://www.xvideos.com/video10382610/sticky_girl_facial_as_stickyasian18_dee_pays_rent This is my favourite though, I love her sense of fashion, https://www.xvideos.com/video31783329/asian_teenager_has_unprotected_sexual_intercourse_with_stranger
  10. Oxygen running low, going to be very tough, though I would think they could pump oxygen in and remove "air".
  11. Mekong - I used to do some tunnelling, in sand - high attrition rate. Never underwater but it can be done I'm thinking oil/Gas pipe sections, wide ones built into the submerged parts in stages, sealed, pumped dry, kids stoop to go through
  12. "Nervous Dog is now a hopeless drunk and hangs around in shady bars in South Pattaya. Even his buddy My Penis is Small has given up on him. " I resemble that remark!!! Would be good to see you but not likely to be in BKK for a number of weeks. Leaving Sillypore as I type. Sorry to missed Jay/Tim, I chat to him on Fartbook as well OH sometimes. Gumminut had some issues more than 5 years ago, was in touch but he seemed to want to remain removed from old circle, I know he would want little said so that's it, other than I strongly suspect he left Thailand a number of years ago. Drogan you should know has suddenly resurfaced. Father T is around, I can put you in touch if you like. Stoneman who you may remember died recently as did a few others we all knew. Sorry to miss you Dave, Darlek remembers you well, says hello, my last two kids are 16 and 12 now. Jing-Joe learning to drive and loving Australia, Chang Noi the boyloves sports, never thrown a Javlen before and today made it to the district reps team today. He's mad about rugby league, boxing swimming surfing and Muay Thai. JJ is mad about soccer, boxing (she knocked out her brother in their first soaring at boxing) Muay Thai, and boys ARGHHHHH Enjoy your time, very sorry I'll miss you!
  13. https://m.la1ere.francetvinfo.fr/polynesie/tv/direct
  14. Most Canadians I know love him, breath of fresh air they seem to think, plus he stands up to shit
  15. Last hotel I had in Japan a month back, they gave us a pocket wifi to carry around, was a great idea, and this in a cheap $140 hotel
  16. Just moving all the assets to his own name, nothing to see Move along, Good move to see tax being paid Good for the country etc. etc. etc. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-thailand-king-property/assets-registered-to-thai-crown-property-bureau-to-be-held-under-kings-name-idUSKBN1JC0EK
  17. Mathieu Bastareud played a good game, impressive to watch, looks like an Islander but from Caribbean. Fast and able to punch through
  18. It will default back to a band it can use. It's not like in the 2000's in early GSM days when the USA used spectrum the rest of the world didn't (ooops) so common overseas phones didn't work always with all carriers in the USA. I had to make sure my phone would work when going to the Tech shows in Vegas, used to have to borrow my wifes phone. And USA Roaming between networks ARGHHHH All much easier now, phone will drop to the spectrum it needs, may not be LTE
  19. What a bunch of girls, no that's an insult to girls soccer which is actually good. Now THIS is how you play a game!
  20. I also have global health insurance, it's a bitch to claim sometimes, goes by the Hong Kong standards, and no optometrists don't write scripts in Thailand for glasses! Fuckers! but most other things like get me out of Kiribati, it's sinking, they are good for.
  21. Depends on if you need people from home to call you on your number. If you can give up that need, (unless you have a dual sim phone) then just bring your phone, get a local and get a plug adaptor, all of 90 baht for the adapotor I wouldn't buy a second hand one, you'll need to set it up for all your Apps, from google, whatsapp, line, fartbook, etc etc Use your own phone
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