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  1. Re your comments on the Eden club and Marc. Yes he did post on here but only ever to promote his brothel business (it was not a club) and he also advertised on here. Apart from being a pimp he was a pool shark and on here a blackmailer extorting money from a poster via this site for posting several negative comments about his whores and service. Unfortunately Marcel appeared to go along with it and it was done in collusion with another poster (himitsu) who also tried to blackmail somebody else on here in 2006. Probably had something to do with this sites demise.

    1. Fiery Jack

      Fiery Jack

      Oh, I didn't know any of that. Sounds grim. Thanks for the information. Yes, the gradual lessening of activity on this site — it appears to have just about ground to a complete standstill of late — is distressing. Where has everyone gone? Maybe it's an age/generation thing: oldest posters push off (pass away, hang up their mongering boots, or whatever), and younger folks are maybe using newer social media? I dunno. I'm still here. Not as active as I was five years ago (in almost every way), but I still regularly browse. It's a self-perpetuating downward spiral too: nobody else posts anything so I don't bother posting anything etc. etc. etc. Vicious circles.

      As long as we're all okay and having fun. I was last in Thailand (Bangkok) in July, for just 4 days. Staggered around Lower Suk a bit, but only one wild night out. Was busy working the rest of the time, couldn't get away. Hope to return early next year for another pop. We'll see. Do you live there? Must be great...

      Thanks aging for the message. Take care. Have fun.


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