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Entry 7


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"No it's not" I said as I saw the girl approach. She wore a black skirt and a white blouse with a University pin on it. "What not?" she asked. She was cute. "The grand palace is not closed, because the King is praying, he doesn't even live there" I said matter of factly, tired of all the touts. "Of course not closed, and The King live in Dusit at his palace, you silly farang, think to much." She said with a smile, she was really cute. "I just say hello, and practice English with you, o.k.?" "O.k." I replied "Just don't try to sell me any gems." "I not sell gems, I University student, Study geology, my name is Jirapng, but my family call me Lek, it mean small. Don't think to much about every thing o.k.." She was cute and smart.


"Well, you are welcome to practice English, lets start by telling me where I can get something to drink, it is hot as hell!" "Yes, Thailand very hot, always, many food shop down here." She said pointing towards the end of the street. "Where you come from?" "I am from Texas, ever hear of it?" "Yes" She said proudly "Texas have many cowboys, you ride a horse?" "No." "Oh, I see many movies, Texas man ride the horse." "I have a truck." "Oh, nice." "Yes."


We arrived at a food shop and sat down, no harm in offering her something to drink or eat I thought. Actually, it was a wonderful after noon, and I had nothing better to do anyway. We had a wonderful time talking, she seemed to only have knowledge of the USA through John Wayne movies and cartoons. She was non the less, very delightful company. We agreed to meet again the next day, which we did, and several more times over the next 3 months. She took me to her parents shop and home, nice people, her father was a business man, also a University Grad. Nice family her and a sister, mother seemed to find me funny with my Texas accent and all. I tried hard to deny I was falling in love with her.


One day, I got orders to ship home, and had to face what I was trying to avoid, saying goodbye to her. She asked if I would ever marry a Thai woman, and have a family. All I could think of was no way I could ever bring her home to Texas, it just would be to hard for her, nothing Thai, to many red necks, just not what I was supposed to do, it broke my heart to think of what was going to happen when I told her this.


I was dreaming about this girl I met 35+ years ago when I was an Airman stationed at Don Moung. I was dreaming about her when my wife woke me up last Sunday morning. "what you thinking now?" she asked "Truthfully honey, I was dreaming about this beautiful Thai woman I met near the Grand Palace when I was stationed in Thailand. I met her and fell in love with her, a day doesn't go by I don't think about how much I love her. She is the only woman I ever loved, and ever will love." I told her truthfully. She gave me a look "PAK WAN MAK! she yelled You still silly farang, always thinking to much! Now wake up, Grand children will be here soon, and you have to help me make spring rolls." I like making spring rolls. Wonder what the folks in Texas are doing? Never did go back.

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