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Posting links to news stories


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Can we all agree on a format for posting news stories?


There was a complaint in the recent past that posters in the news forum only copied and pasted text. That soon lead to some posts that only posted a link. Cool, but some of those links become invalid soon after the initial posting, leaving late comers to wonder what the discussion is all about. Rememmer, some of these posts will be read many years from now.


I propose that the text of the article of interest be posted, along with the URL of the article the the time of posting and a citation.


As an example:

Bangkok Post online, 24 Sept. 20006


Military puts new bans on politics


The ruling Council for Democratic Reform under Constitutional Monarchy (CDRM) Sunday issued a new order calling for a ban on all political meetings at village, district of provincial level, and threatened unspecified punishment for violations.


In its 22nd order, the CDRM, led by Army commander Sonthi Boonyaratkalin, said that Tambon (village) Administrative Councils, Provincial Administrative Councils and other local government organisations and their members, whether in favour of the military Council or against it, had acted in ways which could cause disunity in the country.


Realising the problem, the CDRM ordered members of all the institutions to cease their political activities and gatherings for political purposes until normalcy has returned to the country, the order said.


Gen Sonthi said that violators will be punished.


On Sept 20, one day after the CDRM seized power in a bloodness coup d'etat, the CDRM imposed a ban on the assembly of more than five people for political purposes. (TNA)

-end of article-

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There was a complaint in the recent past that posters in the news forum only copied and pasted text.

You mean exactly what Mentors is constantly doing now? You know, the same thing that BuffHello did?


Stealing and reposting entire articles, without permission from the copyright owner, is theft. It violates copyright and other intellectual property laws.


Those of us who are really interested in news of Thailand read the Nation, Bangkok Post, and Bangkok Views websites every day. We don't need anyone stealing random "news" stories and posting them here in their entirety. Thaksin, for example, is yesterday's news anyhow. If there is something specific that affects what most of us come to Thai360.com to read about, then fine. Otherwise it's just a sad effort by a parasite who has to steal the hard work of others, when he has nothing of his own to contribute.

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I have been posting a snippet of the article and the link.

Sometimes the articles are too long, but then again, if one does not want to read the entire article, don't.



I try to do same. Sometimes I forget.

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