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Medical bulletin of Dr. BuBi, Europe´s leading COVID19 expert:


Donald says: I got Covid but I am fine, no problems

Donald´s doctory says: He got covid but is fine, although still space for improvement

Donald´s chief advisor says: He got Covid and temporarily it was really bad, we were scared


Bubi says: They are according to official statements still giving him Remdesivir and a steroid that supports lung function. Which is for what reason?

Cavanami says: President Trump heroically rules the United States even from hospital where they took him due to leftist, communist activities called Covid19.

Pence says: The Lord shall protect his true and holy ambassador on earth, hero of the working class  Donald Trump

Melania says: I wish all this President-crap would be over soon and I could go shopping



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14 hours ago, Coss said:

Anti Trump gear back on - 

"Let's bask in the Trumplessness."

SNL - Jim Carrey's Biden on Saturday


"Trumplessness" tickled me, so I had to go and dial up SNL.

They open with the Trump/Biden debate, very very funny.. Highly recommended.

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No good, gentlemen. Following his orders they put drugs into the Donald so that he appears as a strong person. One has to understand that for him nothing matters but winning the election. For which he sacrifices his own health and also that of his servicepeople. The man is a psycho, such as a number of his followers. But maybe they are just desperate.

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