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Found the actual picture...in the early hours BEFORE the inauguration, BEFORE had formed, those are the BS pictures from the LSM. Taken with a cell phone...



Remember when the USA news media said just a few came to the Trump inauguration...here's a picture my cousin took while she was at the inauguration...and she said it was packed out!

Another lie from the media debunked!!!


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Looks like Putin's Red Day March




My cousin was eyes on the ground and also went to the dance/party afterwards, She is really keyed in to the USA politics.


It is a bloody shame that the LSM resorts to such BS.


I grew up with media solid, doing real investigative reporting and quite unbiased. I have to constantly pinch myself to say

alert and check the facts.


Trump was an experiment. A non-politician sitting in the big chair for the USA.


The USA TV show, Designated Survivor, comes close to what Trump has to deal with.

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Here's one for Bubi...try to understand what President Trump is up against dating back to the Vietnam war....there are English

versions available.




For all the failings of the USA, Trump is not up against them, he's is "For himself" That's all.


Dont be so blinkered.


If he ever decides that Russia is not in his personal interest you'll be pointing out bad things about Russia and saying Trump is up against them.

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