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Manila And Angeles Update


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A while back, actually about exactly a year ago now I spent a few days in a nice hotel at Clark, Midori I think. Decent 4 star place, casino attached. Walking around Fields avenue one night, my "friend" likes to bat for both teams so we went looking. She was not impressed though, nor me, think Nana with added shit and way more risk. Everything else, okay but much bigger distances between places and less, no, actually no infrastructure. More shit everywhere. I guess it depends what you're going for.

If mongering is the plan then it's probably on a par with Pattaya in terms of availability just less glamorous.


Did I really say that? Haha.

There really seems so little to get excited or interested about there though. I think if  lived there I'd be pretty depressed.




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LA cafe ??? :dunno:

A lot of guys are Tinder-ing or DIA-ing for the good stuff. Take a few misses once in a while but can score real super ones too sometimes. Bit of a lottery but at least you get to interview by text a bit without any commitment or commission.

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I was in Angeles in March. Not much changed. High Society club seems to remain as the main focal point on Walking Street. I like the Philippines actually. Sometimes a bit more than Thailand. I spend a fair amount of time in and around the Makati section of metro Manila as well. I like PI because its easier to date, decent "normal" every day girls there. I've met genuine nice, decent girls as girlfriends. I think Thai women are much more passionate and better in bed. Pinays seem a bit hung up on their catholic upbringing I'm guessing. I grew up with girls who went to Catholic school and I see some similarities. 

If you are in the P4P game, the Thai baht against the dollar means Thailand (and girls) are a bit more expensive than it was a few years ago. The same 1k or 2k baht you pay is now costing you a bit more in dollars. The opposite in the Philippines. The peso has gone down with regards to the dollar. I was getting about 4,100 pesos back in 2017 for my 100 dollars and I was getting about 5000 pesos for my 100 dollars this spring. 

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Some KTV have really amazing talents.

Don't know if still open but pegasus QC is incredible and I can say most other KTV (QC + Ermite/Malate) have also top talents (+ AF1 near the airport)...

as a sidenote more than a few big KTV also have a soapy massage section...can give more details if some are interested.


Most convenient is still ¨burgos, especially bottoms and jools, IME much better than most other places visited in the Phil, Thailand or Cambodia...and nothing in common with AC (AC is IME a dump full of drunk foreigners, me included, and yes you can sometimes find a gem but most of the time you can find nothing...)


Other than that the most interesting area IMO is in Malate, Roxas blvd for big 'naughty' KTV but del pilar and mabini streets are filled with Japanese KTV (with a few koreans) and in some you can find ream gems....again can explain the concept to those interested.



Last, in QC you have dozens (if not hundreds) of Filipino KTV catering mainly to Pinoys but foreigners are of course welcome and those are the best.


Not going to write a full article except if someone is interested.

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