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We Are Not Alone...


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...meaning that it is not only the farang that "support" some Thai Ladies...


It is also the Thai Ladies that support their giks!


A certain divorced Thai lady, 45-ish, two children, with some $$$...


What does it take for her to keep her gik?




A second hand pickup.


Dinners, she pays for, with his friends attending and drinking like fish....

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We're in a different world.... my thing at the moment is RAISE BED GARDEN. I have to pick up some concrete blocks from Home Depot and move sifted dirt into a 4' x 8' raised bed garden made from 8" x 8 " x 16" concrete blocks....[this is not to say that I will not be back in LOS in a few months' punting in the back sois of Pattaya :)] .

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There is a well to do Thai lady at my Gym, 47ish, good shape, attractive, BMW, wedding ring etc


She used to use a personal trainer there 3 times a week (25ish, handsome), but he suddenly disappeared.


One of the other staff later told me she had rented a condo for him somewhere and was paying him 25K a month to await her visits. He got all sorts of gifts from her too 




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"GIK" seems to be a new creation of colloquial English. None of my dictionaries know this word.

Where does it come from? What are its etymological roots?
Does this word come from the new technical language of electronic communication?
So the computer, the smartphone, the Internet?

Coss writes: " Girlfriend/Boyfriend - not usually headed for marriage, more like 'friends with benefits', or at least that's my understanding."

What could be the semantic differences between the normal (or even meanwhile old-fashioned) boyfriend/girlfried and the new-fashioned gik?
What is expressed in such a new term? What social changes?

ok. ok. I don't want to deepen that further.


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