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Hilarious Online Reviews Of Nana Hotel...

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But it's the Taxi service that draws the most concern:



Cebu City, Philippines


Well actually, im writing this review with still a bit nervous inside.

We didn't checked in in this hotel but our good Friends did. We just deposit our bag for a couple of hours before heading to the airport and just to say bye to our Friends.

Since taxi service is just in the hotel so we decided to booked and go directly to the airport @ 8pm.

I must say without no doubt that the driver drives very bad. Not staying in one lane, stays right, left and suddenly drives 40kph in the highway. We nearly get crashed! I think the driver had a eye problem and his too old too. So please Nana Hotel kindly change your driver for taxi service!!!!



Benedikt P

Vatican City, Italy


Well the room was old and the bed was big but dirty looking . I booked in for a night and do i decided to stay but we spent a very bad night with a lot of noise from the floor . The staff was shouting and chatting on the floor and it was impossible to sleep .


The Hotel is under construction and renovation .....but after all we will never stay there again . Old , crappy and all is old style .


Never again , so you are warned !!!


After we booked the taxi service to the airport . An old Volvo 940 with an old driver too :) so the car was still OK but the driver was really not able to drive in night time and specially after it started to rain . I think he need to wear some glasses because he was driving like blind . The same Arle wrote and it must be the same driver . From the right side of the HW to the left at a max speed of 60 km /H . I had to remind to him to concentrate but he was not able to drive in one lane . After arriving at the airport we saw that he was also happy to arrive there and he was not able to park the car so just stoped in de niddle of the street to let us out . I hope he could find his way home again and we been happy to escape this idiot driver .....


Nana Hotel and Taxi Transport = Avoid it at all cost .



Room Tip: maybe the newer romms are better but to be sure just book an other hotel ..Nana is crap !


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... Clearly posted by hapless folks who'd booked the joint blissfully unaware that it's a glorified (and not all that glorified) knocking shop. There are some corkers. Trip Advisor's the best. These a

Hey Jack -   You must have overlooked this one:   LvCornwallis wrote:   “Redlight Hotel†Reviewed July 12, 2014     First of all, every square inch of this hotel is most likely covered

I doff my cap to you sir, nothing but due respect to someone who can have a piss in Nana Hotel Hong Naam whilst stood outside on the sidewalk, have you ever thought of posting a VDO of this feat on Yo

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Ha ha, 'Dude 22' isn't a happy camper. :doah:

“The Stuff That Nightmares Are Made Of...â€

x.gifReviewed October 14, 2015

If you're the type that likes being yelled at, shouted down, and condescended to by elderly, rude, abrupt unprofessional hotel employees, then you've hit the jackpot when you venture through the gates of hell and into the lobby of this asylum. However, if you happen to be sane, then stay away from this house of horror at all costs. The elderly receptionists really need to retire gracefully because they have no idea how to talk in a civil manner when dealing with guests who they probably see as inmates. They thrive on rudeness and forget it's our money that keeps them employed. The only reason this 'hotel' condones their behavior is because certain people keep coming back time and time again. I'm actually questioning the number of positive reviews people are writing about this hell-on-earth.



Saf 76760 agrees! :doah:

“Hotel that makes Fawlty Towers look like the Ritz..where is the hotel inspector Thailand?â€

x.gifReviewed June 6, 2015

Nana Hotel what has happened, having stayed numerous times over the years but this will be the last. What was a slow gradual decline has turned into a race to the death for. Bangkok landmark hotel.

When it came to check in was met by the rudest man in Thailand, apparently I had not booked correctly having used the hotels own website, as he struggled to find my reservation. Then he complained aboutmy passport !

Finally was issued a room key and I headed up to my room, The corridor to the room smelled of cigarette smoke and I remembered that this hotel doesnt offer non smoking rooms! Now I am not a snob, and I am quite prepared to rough it in 1 star accomodation when the need arises, but the room wouldnt even qualify for 1 star in the West and indeed I have had better and cleaner facilities when staying in 300bt budget accomodation elsewhere in Thailand.

With a room on the 5th floor I thought I may get a view of Bangkok, Lets say I have a room with a view and what a view it is, On first glance it would appear a concrete wall, but closer look at the wall reveals that there is a tiled area which appears to have run off ! It actually looks like my view may be of an open air latrine!

The room is basic , a tv with around 10 channels (couldnt see any English) A bed, an ancient refridgerator which would feel at home in the 1970's. A bathroom which appears grubby and dirty with walls covered in inch square tiles again popular in the 70's. These tiles are a mucky brown colour making it look even dirtier than it is!


The Nana Hotel situated in the night life area of Bangkok, was renown for having a 24 hour coffee shop and restraunt, great for a pick me up after a night on the town. This has all gone now with notices advising of the new opening hours!


Well I doubt if things could get any worse, This hotel certainly couldn't, How can a hotel be so bad yet still stay in business is beyond me...

On a scale of 1 (worst ever) to 100 ( outstanding) this would rate a 1. I honestly dont think I have ever been treated as rudely by anyone in Thailand as I was by the reception clerk. And the accomodation is perhaps the worst that I have encountered in over 10 years of visiting Asia.

Will I return! I can honestly say that the only way I will return to this hovel is if they paid me to, and even then I dont think they could pay me enough to stay!

Over the years this hotel has been in decline, with a gradual drop in standards apparent on each visit. Well it doesnt have any more standards left to lose it has now hit rock bottom!

Room Tip: Avoid at all costs!



2Bacan didn't even book the Nana, but ended up there! :doah:

“A dive. Perfect if you intend to pick up prostitutes at the front door. PS: they will let them in.â€

x.gifReviewed April 8, 2015


Taxi dropped me off at the wrong hotel (the Nana instead of the Dawin Nana, with is a nice hotel and only a bit more expensive). Sleep deprived, i didn't even notice and walked in and asked for my reservation. Girl at reception couldn't find it (obviously), but mentioned it not to be a problem.

I checked in and went to the room. Clean, but old. Took a shower and it turned out the hot water wasn't working. Took a cold shower and complained about this at reception. They mentioned they would sort it out. Got back and realized i was at the wrong hotel.

Told management about this and even if i'd check out they insisted i'd pay for a full night. I told them i'd refuse as i'd only used it for a few hours (without hot water) and they could still easily rent it out (early afternoon).

I'd told them i'd not pay more than 740Bath (approx half and still too much for what they are offering). They held me back and told me they would call the police if i was not going to pay. I told them that i though that was a good idea. They called the police and after waiting for the police for half an hour, i told them i was now for sure going to leave.

They suggested i would get them a taxi to the police station. I refused, walked out and never looked back. (to be clear, i paid them 740). If it was fair to do so, i'll let you decide.

The hotel. Outdated and over-prised. It's 2 stars max and you can get a 4 star quality hotel a few hundred meters down the road for some $10 more a night.

However if you are going to meet prostitutes, than it's probably the perfect place. The girls are parading in front of the door and reception doesn't seem to matter what you bring back.



Man, I can't wait to get back there. :bow: 28 days and counting, counting, counting. :drool:

(Not that I'm counting.) :applause:


jack :help:

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Some of the family tourists also gave terrible reviews to the Dynasty Inn, almost opposite the Nana. Well, what did they expect ... booking a hotel in the middle of the naughty nightlife? It ain't gonna be the Oriental. :shakehead


Yup. Like booking a swimming lesson then complaining that you got wet. :doah:


jack :help:

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I would avoid the Nana just because of that weird and unpleasant smell in the rooms,like a mixture of damp carpets and stale cig. smoke.Reception staff seemed ok,but then this war 10 + yrs ago.On a plus point every taxi driver knows where the Nana is.Perhaps we could have a thread on the worst hotels in Thailand.I have a couple that readily spring to mind,much worse than the Nana. :hug::santa:

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Does the nana still do a photocopy of you passport as an ID for you safety box? Always found that very interesting.


There's a 'safety box' in the room (4 digit self-chosen code). I always use that, with the code 1234 so I can remember it. :drunk:


Are there different/more secure 'safety boxes' behind reception? (Yes, I seem to recall something like that, but haven't used said facility for donkey's years.) :hmmm:


Cynical, I know, but strikes me that booking into Nana Hotel then fretting about security would be like crossing a busy motorway blindfolded and worrying about getting run over. :clown:


jack :help:

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For me, when in Bangkok, I usually stay at the Nana Hotel. The AC is cold, the shower works fine with great water pressure, and the bed comfort is ok, but I know not exactly the best.


The family tourists who are shocked about the Nana and its surrounding nightlife don't seem to comprehend, they wanted an inexpensive place to stay, well, they got it :)

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