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Changes Coming?

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I recently returned to nana Plaza, after being away for some time.

Noticed exactly the same as other members here have told.

One other thing is the new ladyboy bars in the complex, as well as the music style being played.


More bars play loud techno style music, making it not even possible to talk to the girl one buys a drink to.

The music is played to entertain the girls, not the customers. After all, we customers is a necessary annoyance to the girls.

Yes I know Im getting older, but I still seem to represent the average of the customers age.


Went to Spellbound, and the new boss (farang) has instructed the DJ to only play music the girls like.


I bought the DJ a drink which made him play a few non-techno songs.

The girls complained so the Boss told the DJ to change it back again.

Of course the Boss didnt want to explain to the paying customer.


So the paying customers are not the slightest important in regards to enjoying the music.

The music is or the girls, period!

That was the signal for me to ask for the bill.


Never again Spellbound.


Found a small (forgot the name) bar above, next to an old favorite of mine, DC10 (which is another bar made into ladyboy bar).

This bar still played non-techno music.


I see the changes clearly, as it take some time between each visit.

It will slowly turn in to a huge techno music playing transvestite district.

Nice for those who like that of course.


Oh well, at least I had my share of fun in that plaza.


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Good to hear you still had fun!


I've often thought about music in bars, we all have different tastes, and while many love stairway to heaven, try dancing to it!


I am in the sha la la la genre for dancing




I've often thought, a good bar, like angel witch of old, could put on themed shows,


I'd love to see different nights devoted to different music, and associated naked girls.


60' 70 80 punk dance different for every night, wigs included

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I can take any music, as long as it is not techno-style music.

Strangely enough, the paying customers have no say in the matter.

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I remember walking into a Nana bar that was playing music from the '60s through the '80s. The place was almost packed with guys who looked like they'd been young during those years. But after about an hour, they switched to the techno crap and all the customers left. You'd expect the bar might have made a connection, but no ... they probably didn't. Or at least the Thai manager just didn't care if they made money or not.

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The girls are willing to fuck virtually anyone If it makes some money, is it likely that they are willing to forego cash income for the sake of listening to songs they allegedly prefer? I doubt that - the girls are generally good at identifying the elements that help them make money, and I have to assume their love of money is greater than virtually any other factor, sanuk music included. Old music = lower income, 'current' pop music dance remix = better income. I understand that to a degree Thailand amazes by bucking market forces, but not to such a consistent degree as we see with music mix.


Managers or owners have any perspective to share?



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I have a very low tolerance for GO Go Bars and I rarely enter one anymore except when I have a tourist/friend with me.

I generally find the music simply awful- TIT- and if I politely mention it in proper Thai they just look at me like I am nuts..

TIT-Same same long time :grinyes: :grinyes: :grinyes::dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

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