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The Anything Goes Youtubery Thread


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The offending book that dares to question ...


The People vs Muhammad - Psychological Analysis




In this powerful series, the first installment, Psychological analysis, delves deep into Muhammad's past and uncovers disturbing facts which undoubtedly prove to be the origins of his multiple psychopathological disorders. Using entirely the Islamic sources in reference to contemporary psychiatric-medical archives, J.K Sheindlin details Muhammad's extensive catalogue of mental illnesses which include:


Psychopathy, Gynophobia, Napoleon Complex, Schizophrenia, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Messiah-God Complex, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Athazagorophobia, Oedipus Complex, Sex-addiction, Pedophilia, and Necrophilia.


Furthermore, the author also hypothesizes a convincing argument based on medical science, which debunks Muhammad's first revelation. These external factors being:


Volcanic gas inhalation, sensory deprivation, starvation, dehydration, brain damage and Syphilis.


Written to provoke a rational response from both Muslim and western readers, the verdict is ultimately decided by the public to determine if Muhammad's claim to prophethood is legitimate.



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An important difference ... the Bible was compiled over several centuries with contributions by many different people. It begins with the creation myths and the flood, then moves into proto-history, gradually becoming fairly accurate history (but always with a theological slant), finishing up with the pacifist-socialist-egalitarian Jesus. Then six hundred years later, an illiterate camel driver decides that Jesus was wrong about violence and all that pacifist crap and proceeds to tell the world what Allah really wants them to believe, what Allah wants them to eat, how Allah wants them to act and dress, whom them can marry, whom they can be friends with, how many wives a man can have (except him, have as many as he wanted) etc etc. The Qu'ran is one man ranting off the top of his head versus against a book which at least contains enough factual information that historians, archaeologists, sociologists, psychologists, linguists, geographers and even mining engineers have consulted it. Mining engineers? Well, a few decades back some Israeli petroleum engineers realised that a description of a place where tar and pitch bubbled from the ground indicated that oil may well have been present beneath the surface. They figured out where it probably was and sank a well. They discovered the first oil field ever found inside Israel (probably the only one). What can you use the Qu'ran for, unless you accept that Muhammad really was the "Messenger of God"?


p.s. I wonder why God needed a messenger. If God is all powerful, why didn't He just say it himself? :hmmm:

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