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Quickie Trip To Vientiane

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Looks like I have 3 nights in VTE and need a hotel. All the normal mutually exclusive points required.


Cheap, clean, handy for getting to the Thai consulate, cheap, decent food, cheap, beer, cheap, etc etc



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I usually stay at Mali Namphu. Just near the fountain. Round the corner from Khoo Chai Deu.


About 15 mins from embassy.


Walking distance to the main drag, and Not Pen Yang sunset bar.


Not Pen Yang has lots of freelancers these days.


No problemo taking home to hotel. Days have changed

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In the last years I have been many times in Laos, Vientiane.

I stayed in one of the guesthouses near Wat Mixai in Rue Nokeokoummane. That is the old city, downtown of Vientiane.


From Wat Mixai - more precisely from the intersection Rue Nokeokoummane and the main road Rue Setthathirath - approx. 300 m away on Rue Setthathirath there was the pub "Drop Zone".

Today the Drop Zone does not exist any more.

The drop zone was founded and equipped by an Englishman; an old Falkland fighter; he was a sergeant.




On the walls hang pictures, memorabilia from his life, devotional objects of all kinds.




For the last few years he has been on the road in Afghanistan as a "security man". He is now considered lost. He probably died there in 2015. He hasn't shown his face in his pub in over a year.

In the evening my favourite bar in Vientiane. Many years meeting point for many local expats. Here the good old rock and pop music of the 60s, 70s, 80s and was played.




The pub has been taken over by the innkeeper from across the street and he continues to run it in the spirit of this Englishman.

One year later in 2017 the Drop Zone changed into a restaurant. What a loss, what a pity! That was a big disappointment for me.

Today it is Chez Joseph, restaurant.


Easter greetings to all from Hamburg, Deutschland.

Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018

It's freezing cold in here. Further north and east of Germany snow has fallen.

Nasiadai - Bakwahn

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An arse indeed


Now, by way of a real time update here I sit inPTBMs mentioned bar, 100 blokes, 2 chicks and 2 maybe's




I Expected better


Okay it's a Monday but where da pussy at?!?!?!

Weak, come on already!


Is Vientiane really such a sausage fest?



And then there's the LB factor

90% ++++ :(

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No problem, I didn’t come for that anyway :)


Nice place to hang out though and I really shouldn’t post while drinking.


The Vietnamese couple who came and sat with me a while were cool, the girl was very pretty.


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T'were you really interested, you'd do OK, if you were to find, on one of the arterial routes, what looks like beer bars, but are usually set back from the road, down a driveway, behind other buildings.


Locally recognised as places to encounter 'chickens' with cheap beer, food and company, Lao language and or Thai is a prerequisite.

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Some words about nightlife, „sex supply“ in Vientiane.


I have been many times in Laos in the last 25 years.

Even in my best and most active years I didn't go to Laos because of sanuk and girls.


Laotian policy, police and the Laotian authorities are attentive, they pay attention.

They don't want Laos to become the next Thailand.


It is forbidden to take a Laotian girl into the hotel room. You don't get them in.

It is punished with a heavy fine!



Along Rue Setthathirath there are

a - some bars with some girls

b - there are some „queens of the night“, some pavement princesses standing at the curb of Rue Setthathirath , waiting for customers; only in the night.

But be cautious! It could be an expensive adventure.

These girls are targeting local expats with their own apartment in Vientiane.



My favourite bar in the evening was „Drop Zone“ on Rue Setthathirath.

Sometimes those freelancers, those "queens of the night" appeared, came around. You can regognize them very easily. They look like western prostitutes.

They are conspicuously dressed as Western prostitutes.


My personal opinion:

I would never take such a lady! Such girls are all dolled up! Dressed to kill. Horrible!

Such glammed up women are too vulgar!

They are instantly recognizable as hookers.

Not my cup of tea. And you don't get them into your hotel.


I prefer the Isaan girls from Nana plaza and Pattaya.


Live from Hamburg - 4.20 pm local time


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